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just wondering.....................

Guest SikhForLife

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^_^ gur fateh ji

u know when people die yeh, and how sikhi says that the soul leaves the body and all that. and how the body

is just a cloth to cover the soul.

well i was just wondering :T: , what does sikhi say about donating parts of your body, say like your lungs, heart, etc.

obviously not when your alive, i mean when your dead, and your heart might help someone else.

are there any quotes from the ggs on this?

sangat jee, could you please share your views and oppinions, as i am abit confused. :D

thanx rolleyes.gif

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ha ha ha............you are sooooooo funny, NOT!!!

actualy, now that i think about it, yeh, i suppose i will be needing it when im dead. cos when you die you are

supposed to cremate the whole of your body. and exactly how is you supposed to do that when you are giving half of

it away? whats the point in cremating someones dead body if u aint even gonna get it cremated properly?

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I don't think you understood their views. They mean that its ok to donate your body parts after you die. Because this body is just dirt, and when you die its burnt to ashes, so why not donate your lungs/kidneys to save others life, your soul will prosper if you do that, and you will be closer to waheguru ji.

Also, Sant Baba Isher Singh ji who was a mahapurkh, complete sant, told his sangat that not to cremate his body, rather feed it to the fishes in the water. NOW THAT'S AMAZING!!! I'm also going to be donating my kidneys/lungs when I die, with Gur kirpa ofcourse, all cuz of waheguru's grace. Bhul chuk maaf!

Daljeet Singh

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    • If you think I'm talking tatti, then fair enough. But go listen to ANY Katha performed by the panth's great sants, mahapurash, gianis, kathavachaks of the past 60 years, and you'll not hear anything negative about Mohammed and Islam as a valid belief system.  You'll hear criticism of Islamic PRACTICES or rituals performed by those who say they're Muslims, but you'll NEVER encounter a fundamental disavowal of the validity of Islam as a path to God. Then how can we utilise Sikhi to dismantle Islam when it's always remained in it's good graces?  Didn't Sant Jarnail Singh say that a Muslim should be a good Muslim, a Hindu a good Hindu, etc? There was no, "Muslims should leave Islam" or "Islam is false." Even in relatively recent Sikh history our leadership has sought to make bridges with Islam. What part of Sikhi can we use to stand against Islam that doesn't make it seem like we're just making up 5hit to combat them? Our religious leadership hasn't ever given us ANY ammunition against them. Why?
    • If Gurbani says so, then who are you to claim otherwise? Do you know more? Also, Sikh affiliation and fondness for Islam is concrete. Was it Guru Gobind Singh or Guru Tegh Bahadur who said they weren't combatting Islam for being Islam; they said they'd fight against anyone who was using any religion as a front to oppress and murder? Yes, so if the Mughals were Christians, Buddhists, Jains, etc, nothing would've changed. Islam was never treated as the enemy. It was only certain Muslims who claimed to represent it that were rallied against. I hate to do this, but you folks really need to wake up. Now, a friend is telling you these FACTS that our own belief system propagates but which we choose to ignore. When our enemies will hit us with these bricks we won't be ready for it.
    • I guess you think "There is no Hindu and no Musalmaan" implies "There is only Sikh." You've allowed pendus to interpret Gurbani for you without analysing and reciting it yourself, AND you've also neglected to understand the historical and social circumstances of the time in which it was received by the bhagats. Reading up on Indian history preceding and during the period of the emergence of Gurbani crystallises the mindset and intention of the various authors. It actually makes way more sense if you're aware of the background and life events of each of the bhagats who contributed. Lots of picking and choosing going on. It's also ironic that the one Sikh scripture that would inculcate Sikhs from succumbing to bukwaas from outsiders is the one Sikh scripture that's decried as a fake! 
    • Can anyone find the teachings of Christianity, Islam or other religions before they were corrupted? No. Now the corrupted versions are what is believed by people all over the world so they cannot be the truth. Sikhi is the final truth now. Things that have been destroyed or changed cannot be rectified now. That is why the Gurus came to spread Sikhi to put people back on the true path. So its doesn't matter if the religions in their original form were the truth because now they are not and that is why Sikhi exists.
    • no bro gurbani clearly states only Sikhi is the true panth now. Even if the religions are corrupted later on, it doesn't matter anymore because now sikhi is the ultimate truth and others are corrupted. There is no point in being Muslim, Hindu as they are following corrupted religions. You yourself are saying they are corrupted isn't that why we have Sikhi now? So why does it even matter if they were the truths originally since they are modified now and not the truths anymore.
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