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How did Balbir Bazighar gain influence?


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On 3/31/2018 at 7:22 AM, 13Mirch said:

I have been among the Dals myself and the kanjar po I have witnessed has convinced me that it is high time now that all these sampradas and jathas, who are doing nothing whatsoever for the common Sikh, be on the receiving end of the bullet. 

what you saying is true... where have the mainstream nihangs been in terms of defending the panth? its a massive blow to the quam that the main nihang sampardama have flopped so bad, these were and still should be the front line defence of the quam. singhs like avtar singh brahma, and even now mintoo nihang have done well to show the world what real nihangs do, but all these other clowns who go to hola mohalla acting like some top warriors are all just for show - which hurts me to say.

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1 hour ago, Mahakaal96 said:

When the maharaja of patiala sold out to the British and tricked the Nihangs into attending a meeting where close to 30,000 Nihangs were murdered whilst they slept what did the sikhs do to help the Nihangs?

when the British adopted a shoot on site policy to deal with any Nihangs who survived the massacre at patiala what did the sikhs do to help the Nihangs?

When Nihangs were forced to go into exile to Hazur sahib did the sikhs in panjab do anything to support thier Gurus fauj?

When the sgpc was formed & Nihangs were being forcefully removed by sikhs & even refused langar at gurughars where was the panths support for Gurus fauj? 

Nihangs were denied any money from Gurus golak despite Guru Sahib giving a hukamnama that his fauj had first rights to funds from the golak for the upkeeping of fine horses & weapons why did the panth forget about the fauj?

fast forward 100 years.... the panth & sants who had placed their faith in the formation of sgpc 100 years earlier at the expense of Gurus fauj now cry out asking for help from the fauj as the reality of sgpc sets in. Now all of a sudden a fauj that was close to extinction 100 years ago with no funds for weapons & horses are supposed to be saviours of the same panth that abandoned them.

Everyone has to take responsibility for the mistakes made by both sides..... in the 1980s we had kharkus & Nihangs killing each other over issues like eating meat..... how pathetic is that, sikhs killing each other over what we eat to keep this temporary body alive.

The whole panth needs to learn from our mistakes & wake up to how we have been played & divided by our enemies.

Mahraj kirpa kare the panth unites & everyone carries out the seva they were supposed to do 

I agree with what you say bro and like i said it hurts me to see the nihangs of today compared to what they should be like. As a quom we should wake up and realise why such measures were taken against nihangs...but you asking where were sikhs when X, Y, Z happened to nihangs is pathetic because last time i checked... nihangs were sikhs. in regards to kharkoos popping nihangs off due to eating meat, Sant Ji used to say that if you see an amritdhari eating meat or drinking - then set them on fire. sadly, due to there being dodgy nihangs some may have got dealt with by kharkoos. other nihangs such as phoola, kahna etc got dealt with for their paap, not for eating meat or maryada.

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2 minutes ago, Prokharkoo84 said:

Sant Ji used to say that if you see an amritdhari eating meat or drinking - then set them on fire

Is this true?!

This is shocking.

There are a whole load of Amritdhari's who eat meat either for medical reasons or because they are not as restricted to meat (Akal Takth Maryada).

Is there any proof that he said this?

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    • An update on the Gurdwara Sahib building.  please donate and forward the donation link to contacts 🙏    
    • So I wrote this thread out a few years ago, And Im going through the same same thing again, In the end I did email her it was an embarassing mess. This is how it started 5 years a go, I had a dream about her and when I woke up the first thing I said was Waheguru, I didnt feel right in my heart or my head, felt like there was somehing pulling me or not letting me sit still. Then I had another 4 dreams one day after the next. After a while I did email her, it was embaressing, a complete mess, I cant describe to you how bad it was.  I didnt tell her about the dreams it sounded weird like I was losing my mind, tbh it probably still came across like that.   In the end I knew something was not right with me, And I got up and went to India, to matha tekh at the Gurudwara, I went to see Mahapuhrsh[SP]. I showed them a photo of her, and to keep it simple they told me she didnt have a good heart. But when I saw them it felt like a huge weight was being lifted off me.  It took me about 2 years to sort of get myself back to how I was. At the time I was under a lot of pressure because I was buying a business and I had 30 day completion, and I was really stressed out, I think I had or was on the verge of a mental breakdown. Anyway time passed and then last year my dad died, he was 59 and just went instantly, spent the day with him at work, and he went home my mum was getting him food and by the time she went to tell him his food was ready he had passed away. I have found coming to terms with this very hard, I feel like he was stolen away from us. I dont understand what need there was for him to go. I know he was fed up, the world had drunk enough of his blood.  Anyway way last Friday I woke up again after having a dream about her, And again I been typing out emails, Ive deleted them because I dont want to do another round of doing my besthi. I am buying a house at the moment so I can move mum closer to me as I need to take care of her now. I am feeling the pressure, Im the only man left in my family now. I feel like its all on me, and Im going to <banned word filter activated> up everything my dad made. Basically I think somone has done something to me. I know I probably sound like Im losing my mind, and I probably am. But Im closer to the end than I am to the beginning, there not enough time left to keep making mistakes and recovering from them. I keep saying to God just tell me what you want and Ill give it to you, what ever it is I dont mind, what ever you want I will happily give to you. cant believe he wants me to commit a sin, or do something I know I shouldnt be doing.
    • So we find out who killed Hardeep Singh Nijjar. What we are going to do about it?  Me personally I try to avoid the whole Khalistan fiasco since religion and politics get mixed. That's a messy situation to be in. 
    • *bump I firmly believe that one quote in regards to cannabis is not written by Guru Nanak Dev Ji (O'lord the fear of thee). B/c nasha is nasha. But cannabis is a bit a different since it was used for medicinal purposes in India also. 
    • I feel gurdwaras are maybe somewhat getting back to their functions as dharmsalas containing schools and learning centres. With panjabi schools, gurmat classes, santhiya, martial arts, keertan training, with sikhi camps occasionally in towns, there is somewhat some functions connected to traditional gurdwaras of the past.
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