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    • Who finalizes and makes decisions at the akal takht? Is it SGPC?
    • If we could buy our own island and create our own state nation then it would be governed by a national parliament which can be overridden by the supreme religious authority which probably wouldn't be akal takht right now it would be another power structure that isn't in control of a foreign entity. Until akal takht and its jathedhar is not free from sgpc indian foreign control then its haukam rulings on Sikh religious and political affairs can't be trusted and ignored/ wont be followed as is the case these days. Legislation would probably be drawn up by constituency elected parliamentarians or sarbat khalsa panthic committee members. Lets imagine for a few minutes that in 1947 Sikh leaders had got their act together and united to create khalistan. In that khalistan they would have had to have implemented a democratic type system for the british rulers to have accepted it before withdrawing from the indian subcontinent. The chances that a pure Sikh theocratic state would have emerged would have been quite slim as most of the ruling elite within Sikh circles would have broke away and formed their own little kingdoms or joined the indian union, if they were not able to get power/status or secure their wealth in the new Sikh state. So most likely a more multicultural pluralistic Sikh state would have probably emerged though with strong emphasis of it being a Sikh nation. As for consequences of breaking Sikh law that would probably have been similar to what it was doing Sikh raj days. So for baptized khalsa Sikhs if they did major sins it would have been punishments of severity in accordance to gurmat and khalsa code of conduct. For Sikhs and non-sikhs alike national legislation's would apply which would get passed in parliament.  
    • My recommendation is don’t tie a pointy turban like a patiala shahi pagg. First of all cuz u will have the joora problem. But second of all because those types of turbans weren’t given to us by the gurus. The gol dastar or nihang dumala was given to us and it is the original Sikh turban. The patiala shahi pagg came from maharaja of patiala. They wore those turbans to show the oppressing British sarkar that they were there “friends” I find that as a sign of slavery. The British feared nihangs, and obviously feared their great dumala sahibs. So thas how there pointed turbans came
    • UK is far from ideal its alot better than alot of places in the world but we can make a better society being realistic without thinking everything can come for free. So for example I listed the things which are possible above in my first post where the state can give everyone free houses or housing without anyone having to pay rent or mortgage and be homeless. If the state's benefactors the elites wanted to, they could easily release the capital necessary to make sure those who live in that nation be at least have the basic minimum for a person to survive in society so that they have no excuse to do crime such as drugs, prostitution, money laundering, robberies,etc,etc And yes political correctness culture has gone too far and is annoying now, it should not override truth culture. If we see a certain community doing xyz crime on consistent basis we should be allowed to call out that community without getting labelled as the ones in the wrong.  
    • Veerji, it’s our maryada to wrap first part of dastar with dastar Kapra and make joora like that. It’s called a keski and it’s tied under dumala sahibs. Just look up how to tie dumala sahib or keski and it will come up
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