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    • If you see their all their youtube posts on this thread, they only posted the youtube videos for the one type of keertan. If you go the website, the 2 keertan performers are also famous for performing this type of keertan. So unfortunately, there is strong evidence for them being biased towards this keertan. I do understand they upload keertan and katha from sikhs outside the jatha. But the jatha and jathebandi exclusivity can unfortunately be strongly seen, and I cannot ignore this, and this strongly helps me not subscribe to their youtube channel! Token gestures towards raag keertan is not good enough. You can invite a raag keertani to play for a short while at a smagam along with the other performers. token gesture is just not enough compared to taking time to respect and learn keertan and raags! So please all, just wake up.   EDIT: I do not need to create another thread, I can probably find one already discussing this topic on this forum. However I came on strong to this thread because it is a sticky, and promoting anti-raag keertan, and also the fact that there is no sticky for raag keertan. So I had strong reasons to post in here!
    • Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh I understand what you mean veerji and I agree it is important to preserve raag but earlier in your post it sounded as if you were attacking veerji but since you clarified that your not I am sorry for misunderstanding you on that.I also agree with you that both types of kirtan cannot be compared with each other.But again I feel that the purpose of the youtube channels were not to get rid of the raag maryada.They were just sharing videos of the other types of kirtan but their intention is not to put one type of kirtan over another.For example I like AKJ kirtan but at the same time I enjoy hearing raag kirtan as well so I think you misunderstood the intention of the ur channels.But anyway let's not spam this topic.We can create a new thread solely for this discussion.   Edit:Veerji edit your post and add a last sentence saying that you want me to create a thread if you want to continue this discussion. Bhul Chuk Maf
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