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Caste facts of India

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We always here about caste issues in the Punjab. Such as divisions amongst the people due to their particular community. 

Was interested to know due to reading some articles related to caste and numbers of Punjab. I have read that jatts constitute 25% of Indian Punjab. This includes Hindu aswell as Sikhs. Does this make them a small group?

Also 60% of Punjab is Sikh . Whats castes are the other Sikhs from. 

Also was watching some bhangra videos the other day. Where the usual baqwaas caste songs were on. It made me realise one thing. That when these idiots start bigging up their caste. They are also intentionally or inadvertantly bigging up muslim aswell as hindu jatt people. So they are putting non Sikhs up on a pedestal creating further divisions in the religion.

Also hindu are revered to as jaats and muslims as jutts. 

From my knowledge jatt is actually a very small community of India. They compromise 28 million population of India including pakistan. 


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Guest AjeetSinghPunjabi

Sikhs no longer form 60% of indian punjab . Thats the demographics from 20 years back . 

Now we're around 56% , i mean the official figures. But that includes all types of sikhs, sikhs who're haircut and just on paper sikh kind of.

The real sikhs (turbaned men) would be way less than 50% i believe. 

sad but true how we're losing punjab demographically . Meanwhile hindus are the largest growing group in punjab, aside from rampant christian prosyletization and islamic mullahs now more common than it was 30  yrs back. 

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