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Right-wing hindutva's drive to reclaim indian islamic sites as hindu temples

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In a calendar issued by Hindu Mahasabha , it has claimed The Mecca mosque , Qutub Minar , Gyanvapi mosque among other islamic sites in india as being original temples .

For those who don't know Hindu Mahasabha is around 150 yr old organization , from which all modern day hindutva thought has come , be it RSS, VHP , BJP , etc. 

In its calendar , it has put pics of islamic sites , mostly mosques and claimed that they're infact Hindu temples.

Qutub Minar has been called Vishnu stambh . 

Mecca mosque has been bizarrely claimed as "Makkeshwar mandir" (shiva temple)

Gyanvapi mosque is claimed as Kashi temple. (Its a fact Gyanvapi mosque is built on top of demolished krishna temple, krishna's birth place)

Taj Mahal has been claimed as Tejomahalaya (shiva) temple. 


source : https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/agra/-hindu-mahasabha-refers-to-qutub-minar-as-vishnu-stambh-in-new-calendar/articleshow/63357482.cms

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ehna de screw dhile hogey ...they also claim Kaa'ba is shiv Mandir ... they need to sit down and take a breath . Wishing something was something else just because you want to make money  is a fool's errand these same delusional people destroyed Gyan Godri Gurdwara remember and have claimed that Darshan Deori are the gates of Som Nath temple stolen and given to Harmandir Sahib Gurdwara ... LOL  the king who put gold on Harmandir Sahib from his own pocket would do such a low thing ?

Fair enough they may have a case on actual destroyed temple grounds  but how many other Buddhist stupas and temples did they destroy to have their temples built ? no mention of that ... this destructive cycle could go on forever ...


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    • milk is needed for making Prasad - I could write a whole lot on why veganism is demented -another time.
    • why would anyone contemplate something so enslaving? THoughts are tangible things every bit as real as any object - meditate instead upon the liberation of moslem-occupied Aryavarta - Dharmic religions and Dharmic life cannot exist in presence of mohamadans. RamRajya-Khalsa Raj - this is the Future for the World. Xtianity is dying. islam is demented  - only Dharmic philosophy (this includes Vedanta/Sikhi/teachings of Gautam Buddh make sense.  All the sacrifices of the Early Gursikhs and the ones who valiantly fought the colonial bastards would have been for naught had all of Panjab been moslem occupied. Think, do ardas on how all of Panjab  (indeed all the af-pak lands) are to be reunified under the Dharmic banner of Sikhi, Vedanta, yoga etc. Sanatan community is working on this thru Ghar Wapsi - they have led delusional Sikhs who became xtian back to the Dharmic fold and back to Sikhi - xtianity ruins charmic village life. We are born divine - we have spark of Paramatman within us - the idea that people are born sinners creates a vicious sin-repent-guilt cycle difficult to escape. Life in halal torture lands is hell for vegetaryans/vaishnu peoples.  Guru ka Langar is pure vegetarian.  anglo jew hijacked veg movement with veganism - Milk and Milk products are healthful - we need proper dharmic dairy facilities.  The idea that any mass of land is thought to belong to anyone on basis of ethnicity/colour/creed  is stupid - the idea that any state is black or white or brown or moslem or xtian or jew is nonsensical. One Uniform Civil Code of Law (rooted in Dharmic truths) must apply without any favouritism shown to anyone. Polygamy is dysgenic and enslaving, particularly the Islamic type. Demographic warfare in hopes of establishing international caliphate must be uprooted.
    • Racial supremacists (of all stripes/colours) are ALIGNED politically with Moslem Global Caliphate aspirants. Especially the so-called 'white' supremacists/nationalists and highest echelons of Islamic theopolitical elites. Their aim is the creation of an Islamic imperium in the entire old-world landmass (eurabia where post-xtian whites become dhimmis - second-class citizens in their ancestral lands) and this will coincide with the anglostates (the five sisters - NZAUSUSACANUK) being 100 percent anglowhite. Latin/S. America to be ruled by white origin Hispanics who will continue to lord it over the indigenous browns of South America. India BhartVarsh Aryavarta moslems see as 'unfinished business' and will be part of the moslem caliphate where brownz in our ancestral lands will become slaves (again) - Guru Nanak started the work of kicking lowlyarabitch language out of Greater Historical India - these moslems desire to lord it over Bharat di Janata again - their eyes are on all of Kashmir and regaining all of Panjab, especially Fatehgarh region of Sirhand (head of India - sir is head and hand or hind is India). Now, why Brown people referred to as 'easter worshippers' instead of 'christians' - well 'Christian' has  or used to have connotations with pious godly people whereas these Lankans are just converts - only slaves convert after all - there is a racial pecking order in desert creeds with albino  uk white at top, then arab white, central Asian white etc.  Myself I keep distance from converted hindu xtians or white xtians because they admit they are born sinners - I prefer good sangat not that of born sinners. Islam and the racialists wish to reenslave everyone. More slaves alive than ever before in history. This is mostly de facto slavery -w ith the racialists and islam teaming up, we'll be de jure slaves. What we have on our side is Ultimate Truth. Desert creeds are hollow - created by and for born sinners and slaves. Dharmic religions offer spiritual and material liberation and complete freedom. Dharmic ethics is sublime - desert creeds only have lists of what not to do. THese desert creed adherents are descendants of old time Raksh mlecch populations who were kicked out of INdia for failing to adhere to Vedic standards of morality. Sikhi is the pinnacle of Aryadharmic Thought.  
    • It would be terrible. How would we have fared in a military ruled state? Pakistans always have military coups where dictators rule for 10+ years. Plus we would fear suicide bombers. I think pakistan was listed as the country with most suicide bombings in public places. Also taliban stopped women from attending schools in the frontier areas.  And we would live in a place where paan would be spit in the streets. 

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