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Don't need to be religious to know the difference between morally right or wrong?


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1 hour ago, NaamTiharoJoJape said:

supposedly, we get breaks during which we can use for things you mentioned

and we have time at home as well, why allocate the time we have school  to things we can best do in private

Most time at school is wasted period. It has an impact nationally if a people pray just like it has an impact on an individual to pray. What we teach and promote through schools and the media is supposed to shape our future generations and I think it's only to our detriment we ignore this publically in favor of many other less worthy things. 

Like an advertisement can show two people all but * ing and nobody bats an eye but if you prayed in a commercial these days people would be absolutely triggered. 

If we best allocate the time at school I have bad news, it's you, an abacus, science books and breaks for water and stretching. You'll be praying for prayer then. Lol. 

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