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The opposite to 5 chor

Guest Sikh

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5 Chor (Thieves):

1) Kaam - (sexual) desires

2) Krodh - anger

3) Lobh - greed

4) Moh - attachment 

5) Ahankaar - ego

5 Gun (Virtues):

1) Santokh - contentment 

2) Pyaare - love

3) Sat- truth

4) Nimrata - humility 

5) Daya - compassion

Just to note, these are not in any order or response to each other e.g Kaam and Santokh aren't opposites to each other etc. 

Hope this helps Ji. Bhul Chuk Muaaf Karna.

Vaheguru Ji.

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Guest Sakhee Kaur

Search this page ("control + f" in windows or "command + f" for a mac): https://www.sikhfamilylife.com/2018/04/the-purpose-of-life-according-to-sikhi/

For "Krodh" or "Moh" or "Kaam" and you'll find the paragraph in which the "opposites" are stated. I'm not sure they're opposites as much as differently channeled energy. So it's the same energy, just controlled... 

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