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The last 3 weeks...

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Since the past 3 weeks in a row the most beautiful thing happened. I woke before dawn for my Nitnem! Thanks, Maharaaj! Beant kirpa.

Now, many of you may be thinking "So?" The reason am mentioning this is because I had never done such a thing even for work start 8am! Yes, I still managed isnaan n Nitnem but had to rush it all.

Many of you may be wondering... "Am I doing Amritvela?" Well? ARE YOU! Ever since I got a smartphone Amritvela was a no no. You can guess why.

So, if you have a smartphone, failed to do Amritvela the solution is simple. At about 10.30pm latest switch off the device and GO TO SLEEP! Besides, sleeping after 1am, browsing net in bed cannot b good for health and eyes.

With Maharaaj's kirpa same can happen to you. (You know exactly who you are)...

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    • The African American or even Afro-Caribbean have almost been bred to be physically stronger due several hundred years of slavery.  If you think about it, only the strongest and most resilient survived those slave ships across the Atlantic.  The hard physical work on those plantations have meant that they have passed down those genes through the generations.  The African origin black people in the Americans are also no longer pure black African.  There is plenty of European slave master blood in them after the slave women were taken and raped by their slave masters. This is the reason why they come in all shades of colour. You can tell the difference between black people of Africa and those from the Caribbean particularly in the UK. The diet that developed amongst the black communities of the Americas is based on the quality of food from the slave days. It was also foods not desired by the whites or food that was cheap like Chicken.  Ironically, like us folk from South Asia, the Afro Caribbeans and African Americans also suffer from high rates of diabetes and high blood pressure.
    • The overlooked or sometimes conveniently ignored aspect of their physiology is their diet, i.e. chicken and meat in general. I'm not being funny or stereotyping, but black people LOVE their chicken. Obviously, inhaling chicken all day and sitting on your behind playing video games is going to cause obesity in everyone, black or not, but certain foods coupled with an active lifestyle and perhaps a genetic predisposition to building and retaining muscle better than other races, also plays a factor. Testosterone (in natural) animal products is key. As a lifelong vegetarian I'm content and secure enough in my beliefs to acknowledge this truth. 
    • Bumping this up. Am thinking myself of moving from the UK to somewhere in North America as there is more land/open spaces, and some places a lot better weather (I dislike winters in UK).  And, weather can have a big impact on mood unless you are a complete Chardhi kala person. 
    • The youngsters themselves find themselves between a rock and a hard place. When they're growing up and perhaps vaguely aware of their fruity inclinations, it's a case of, "Why are you not in saroop?" from the religiously minded in their community. They then adopt the appearance partially through pressure and perhaps in the hope it somehow eliminates their leanings through some form of divine benevolence. When that doesn't happen and those proclivities increase with age, they find themselves exposed to incessant propaganda originating from their western host communities or the global propaganda machine which encourages them to embrace and accept their feelings, and at the same time people like us lambast them with stuff such as, "Why are you in saroop?!?" It's a no-win situation for them. Of course, I'm not seeking to excuse the degeneracy and the subversion taking place, but I just wish some of these people stepped outside of their own shoes for once, and realised how they're being used as pawns to further agendas that ultimately don't care for the individual. Humans have a desire to belong, and if they've spent most of their lives feeling alienated and misunderstood, they're obviously going to leap at the first group who extends a hand of understanding and tolerance. Most people are incapable or just aren't ready to accept or process anything beyond the material. That's life.
    • How much of that is down to parents though? People who push the external roop on their children, even when they must suspect something is not quite right? Then, when you have kids who've been raised like this their whole lives, people chide them for continuing to wear Sikhi saroop once they come out of the closet. We need clearer rules. 

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