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11 hours ago, S1ngh said:

authoritarian rule. Democracy does not work with our folks. 

I was going to say thats preposterous. Becuz authoritarian rule only works as long as the ruling party is good. And theres no guarantee they will be. 

If our lot can corrupt democracy. Authoritarian rule will have to be guarded very carefully and ruthlessly to see it doesnt fall into the wrong hands. 

Except sikhs are good at fighting tyrants. Better than working together for common goals in a democracy. 

So ur right authoritarianism is the best. We either have a really , good upstanding ruler. Or the whole panth unites to fight an opressor. Both good outcomes and both benefit sikhs

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17 hours ago, S1ngh said:

authoritarian rule. Democracy does not work with our folks. 

Would a meritocracy also work? Genghis Khan after rejecting the old class systems of the steppes recruited from all willing fight by his side and sought out the best talent. By doing this he was able to amass one of the world largest empires. 

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4 hours ago, monatosingh said:

SGPC is f*d

If I had a big red button to end them I'd spam the hell out of that button

If we could get a couple of singhs to overthrow them what should we replace them with? A restructured authoritarian/meritocratic organization or sonething else? I don't think kicking the sgpc out of amritsar would be as hard of an idea as it seems with all the gandh flying our way.

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    • do you believe in the bhai prahlad singh rehitnama that puts the dohra as "guru khalsa maneyo pargat gura ki deh"
    • This is an interesting topic. The thing that we forget is that even though the Muslims had their Nawabs and Badshahs, the vast majority of Muslims were very poor and lived a bare existence. The Muslims to the west had lands but most were very poor and with the rise of the Misls, these lands were taken over by our people especially in the border areas between the Muslim Jat and the Sikh Jats in districts like Gujranwala. The vast majority of the Muslim landholders in Punjab were of Rajput origin and even the British noted that as time went by these Rajputs were mortgaging and losing their lands to both the Hindu banias and the Sikh Jats. The Muslim Rajput tended to be idle and not hardworking so they were quickly losing their lands. Also during the Misl period whenever there was a period of unrest the Muslim population which tended to not be tied to the land upped sticks and moved away and the Sikhs who were more tied to the land then took over these lands. This was the case in Gujrat district when the Muslim Jats moved away due to unrest in the area and the Sikh Lobanas moved in and took over their land. These Lobanas then resisted the Muslim attempt to take back the land. With the British the Muslim landholders tended to be able to keep their land but with the increase in population and with Sikh Jats buying up more land with each passing decade the Muslims were being left behind by both the Sikhs and the Hindus. So the Pakistan idea was sold to the Muslims as a way in which they could take over the lands of the Sikhs and the factories and businesses of the Hindus. In Punjab especially the threat was that the Muslims would be under the control of the Hindus and the Sikhs. 
    • 100%, our worldy studies in language/philosophy/social sciences should at best/least reflect gurmat 
    • so you refute/dispute the authenticity of the taksal in times of sant baba gurbachan singh ji, sant kartar singh ji, sant jarnail singh ji, etc. I understand it is nirmala influenced and has evolved from its tarna dal roots, but it isnt preaching manmat of brahminism yet either only abnormal thing I can think of taksaal doing in a brahmanical way are the akhand paaths, etc. and I was never captured by giani thakur singh ji's katha, it just never clicked with me 
    • the hindu (aam banda living in the land of indus river) might be anna, but the mat isn't totally 100% removed from sikhi  and in today's age where there isn't as much clarity, we need to understands vedic literature more to understand our own bani which has beant references to things outside of my younger generation's comprehension (most people, and gursikhs especially, were already well-versed in vedic philosophies) we need gian of sanatan/vedic/hindu ideologies to be first able to pinpoint all differences and properly be able to do parchar throughout India  Guru Sahib also sent sikhs to benares to learn vedic languages as far as I can reference, I am pretty sure guru sahiban were well-versed in Indian languages of sanskrit, etc. (and Guru Gobind Singh ji maharaj in braj as well) persian was the wordly/political language of the day, therefore guru sahiban were learned in those as well and therefore we have the long history of Guru Nanak Dev ji freely having discourse with and enlightening maulvis, nawab daulat khan, babur and how Guru Angad Dev ji criticized Humayun, or Guru Angad Dev ji, Guru Raam Das ji kept contact with Akbar, or Guru Hargobind Sahib ji delved in the affairs of mughal state, Guru Har Krishan ji had a spiritual discourse with bahudar shah at a young age, and Guru Gobind Singh ji openly demonstrated to Aurgunzeb the hypocrisy of the mughals in Zafarnamah, etc. etc.  but gurbani references vedic culture far more than abrahamic culture, so hence we should prioritize the former in order to understand our own sikhi if we don't understand vedic culture, how can we differentiate dasam bani from hindu"ism" to smack down anti-dasam preachers who merely look at the name of banis like vaar sri bhaugati ji ki or chaubis avatar or chandi charitar to dismiss it to be mythological worship  bhulan chuka li khema baksho 
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