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11 hours ago, S1ngh said:

authoritarian rule. Democracy does not work with our folks. 

I was going to say thats preposterous. Becuz authoritarian rule only works as long as the ruling party is good. And theres no guarantee they will be. 

If our lot can corrupt democracy. Authoritarian rule will have to be guarded very carefully and ruthlessly to see it doesnt fall into the wrong hands. 

Except sikhs are good at fighting tyrants. Better than working together for common goals in a democracy. 

So ur right authoritarianism is the best. We either have a really , good upstanding ruler. Or the whole panth unites to fight an opressor. Both good outcomes and both benefit sikhs

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17 hours ago, S1ngh said:

authoritarian rule. Democracy does not work with our folks. 

Would a meritocracy also work? Genghis Khan after rejecting the old class systems of the steppes recruited from all willing fight by his side and sought out the best talent. By doing this he was able to amass one of the world largest empires. 

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4 hours ago, monatosingh said:

SGPC is f*d

If I had a big red button to end them I'd spam the hell out of that button

If we could get a couple of singhs to overthrow them what should we replace them with? A restructured authoritarian/meritocratic organization or sonething else? I don't think kicking the sgpc out of amritsar would be as hard of an idea as it seems with all the gandh flying our way.

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    • really nice thread 👍 
    • idk if it is but if it is the r/sikh mod he is nice and not rude...
    • is it the same turbanator from youtube who comment on every basics of sikhi video 
    • yes bibi rajni was married off to a leper by her father for her refusal to worship him instead of raam/gopal/akaal purakh she remained firm and took her husband village to village and was now thrown into a life of poverty she was married to a disabled man with leprosy and was told by her father to deal with the consequences of not worshipping him and told her to go find her waheguru/akaal purakh/raam now she carried her leper husband in a tokra basket on her head through villages and did work like a banjaras at different households until she reached amritsar sarovar she left (probably for work), while husband went for sarovar and when he came out he was cured (some versions say sikh villagers around told him to jap waheguru as he took the dip) he held onto a twig on a tree with his pinky so he wouldnt drown as he took ishnan he was cured but bibi rajni his wife did not recognize him so there was commotion to which villagers told them to go to dhan dhan sri guru raam das ji to whom bibi rajni begged for the man in front of her to be punished thinnking he killed her husband  but guru sahib told the (husband) to show his chichi (pinky finger) which wasn't dipped in the sarovar and thus remained with leper marks which proved that he was indeed the husband (he was told by guru sahib to dip the finger and his finger was cured as well to which bibi rajni believed him) duni chand the arrogant father of bibi rajni came and asked for forgiveness, and i think he had four daughters or so and no son and thus adopted the former lepor as his son  one of my favorite sakhis from childhood 
    • I am from cali, and at least a third of kids here are stoners I know a guy who often ties a pagg to school (sometimes a simple pendu parna) and I have caught him vaping some times in the bathroom 
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