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How India should've been divided in 3 in 47 !


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           Another What If's scenario here that takes place in a parallel universe. This is all dependent on a new Sikh leader ship not mental midgets like Tara Singh , the stooge of Congress.  Here we have Nihang leaders who agreed with Dr.Ambelkeder plan to convert 30 million Dalits to Khalsa, so this atleast gives Sikhs some good numbers. 


      Sikhs get

- United Panjab 

- Uttarkhand 

- North Rajistan 

- Kashmir 

- Sindh [ for ocean ports ] 

- KPK 

- Peshwar

- Chunks of West Tibet [ during the Communist / Nationalist Civil war in China , Sikhs take advantage and with Superior size and genetics take west tibet easily, so this is later down the line , not during 1947].

Sikhs also had the best military jathas during these times vs the muslims . So if the muslims refused to leave , these specialized jathas with WW2 weapons and experience in WW2 would have an edge on the Muslim league goons. Like they removed the muslim majorities in East Punjab, they could've done the same in West Punjab and Kashmir against the tribal Afgans].


Muslims get 

- United Bengal 

- Balochistan 

I think for the most part they've would've been satisfied, Balochistan and united Bengal are decent chunks of land. 


Hindus get 


- Rest of India 

- Burma [ Yes Burma got independence but I think in this time line , they would've been a part of India. 

- Nepal - It was not under the british but India could annex it if they wanted 


Few Decades down the line ........

1970s , Soviets invade Afganistan, this time they succeed as the Sikhs help them and in turn Sikhs get East Afganistan and Soviets get West Afgan. 



Now If we had technology to go to parallel universes, who wouldn't here leave this timeline  for the one with Sikh Rule. 

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On 7/20/2018 at 7:40 AM, Gagan1995 said:

This is all dependent on a new Sikh leader ship not mental midgets like Tara Singh , the stooge of Congress.

LOL Mater Tara Singh, the first person in independent India to be arrested for betraying the state, is somehow a "stooge of Congress". 

I'm pretty sure you also think that he, being the evil anti-Sikh boogeyman, denied the British offer for Khalistan.  Brits barely gave the musleh a state, even though they had more than 90 million musleh living in India, how on earth would they give  9 million  Sikhs, who didn't even form a full  majority in any area of Punjab, a state? 


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"Now in 2018 every single country USA, UK, Russia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, etc even including China and Pakistan are sucking up to Modi because they care about the financial benefits of trading with a 1.3 billion population multi-trillion economy as opposed to the human rights of the thousands killed in the years from 1984 in the Congress Genocide of Sikhs unleashedby terrorist Indira Gandhi and her wretched son."

Answer, sort of: As I mentioned before, I respect what you are doing and saying. However, that being said, read Sikh history ( which I am sure you have), Sikhs have never moved forward without taking revenge or justice, I am open to you providing me some examples from the Sikh history, where that has not happened. 

You might think that odds are against Sikhs, but read Sikh history, I will take these odds any day compare to what Sikhs have been through in the past. I have full faith that Sikhs will get justice, no matter what the odds are. 

As you know, what I am saying and what you are saying are not mutually exclusive, we can do both. 

I will pm you, just because I believe in your cause, I will either either match or double the donation to your Sikh charity although they are not the one I donate to.  

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