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Sakhi of udasi Sant wanting Guru ਦਸਮੇਸ਼ ji kushian

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    • you could also add the millions killed under the bolsheviks and Marxism  Holdomor was so horrific that people ate the children to try and survive .... Russian jewish population 1.5 % but over 10% representation in Bolshevik revolution also high representation in upper command roles.
    • ever read the old testament ? the number of smiting of non-jews even the children and enslaving of women (yep it is the blueprint for Islamic thought patterns)  there is eye-opening,  even today the Israeli authorities are discriminating againt the Ethopian Jews who have lineage back to the original tribes  who have settled in Israel as is their birthright . This is done by forcing birth control on them and discrimnatory practices in education, accomodation , jobs etc. Not satified with 78% of the land of Palestine the use of weapons has ensured further encroachment on non-jewish settlements.Judaism is not innocent it is just as malevolent as it has a false superiority complex and doesn't recognise other faiths as any thing other than people to exploit as servants to them .
    • Like this guy      
    • Bhai Jagraj went there a few times and his videos went viral due to this, I asked Basics to continue going there with his vision but they said they don’t intend to go there for the foreseeable future.
    • What.  You want Sikhs to spread their faith? if this was attempted you would probably get some fruitcake Sikhs. Who would demand an immediate stop of any parchaar activity. They would all have us in a circle dancing around and hugging trees like some hippys and saying all faiths lead to God ect.  Then they would say we want to let muslims open their fast in Gurdwara to show that were a bunch of nambi pambi people. 

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