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We need to create a R/PanjabiSupremacy Subreddit to counter the hindoo trolls.

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              There's a hindoo troll subreddit called Bakchodi, they talk a lot of smack about minorities, especially muslims. But they also attack Sikhs, the subreddit has 12,000 members. Meanwhile, We Panjabis don't have a subreddit to talk back and clown them. R/Sikh is a restricted mod controlled bore, r/Punjabi is dead. I think , someone here should make another R/Panjabi Subreddit and all the members from this and other Sikh forms can join. We could easily have 10k members. It pisses me off, every time I see those low lives talking bad about us. 

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26 minutes ago, GurjantGnostic said:

This is a general comment ...not specific to this thread, but this thread would fall into that category. 

It seems some people feel the way to help grow Sikhi is to be just as violent, racist, ignorant, and isolationist, as other religions and nationalities.  

One.  You try that <banned word filter activated>, you will lose. 

Two. By the time you were done there would be no Sikhi left. The Gurus in no way came to encourage us to be <banned word filter activated> like everyone else and try and carve out a plot of land soaked in blood, ignorance, and hate. 

I understand many of you were born Sikh, and that Sikhi and Punjabi nationalism are one and the same to you, but at least read the Guru Granth Sahib. 

And do some Simran. 

So worried about what everyone says about Sikhs, meanwhile doing a grade A job of making Sikhs look dumb every time you post your nationalistic, racist, maya-centric, manmukh <banned word filter activated> on here. 

A growing percentage of posters need to stfu and read some Gurbani. 

That's my un-candy-coated loving advice for some here. 


                Yes, your holier than thou attitude is really endearing. Frankly, I don't understand why some of you hate Panjabi-ism. Khalsa was created by Panjabis, the Sikh Empire was created by Panjabis. There is nothing wrong about being proud of Panjab. We are all children of Panjab and we must celebrate it. Turks care more about being Turks than Islamic, Persians care more about being Persians than Islamic, it's only the South Asian islamic slaves that put Islam above their culture / land. Look at any european country, they're always nationalist first and christan second. So if like the paki pigs , you ignore Panjabi, you disgrace your own origin like the paki slaves. So, yes we are Sikhs whether Amritdhari or Sejadhari but we're Panjabi first. You aren't born Sikh, but you're born Panjabi. So excuse me , If I embrace and pride my Panjabiyatt. I would even respect the Pakis more , if they actually embraced their culture first and then islam, instead their written language is a rip off of Persian / Arabic , their spoken language is a Bhaiyya type of UP, and like all prideless , Shameful South asian muslims, they will always be on the bottom of the totem pole. So if you give up Panjabi, something many have died for, you're spitting right in their cause. 

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5 hours ago, 13Mirch said:

Conflating Punjabism with Sikhi is only shooting ourselves in the foot. The Panj Piares were from contemporary diaspora, Banda Singh was from Kashmir and the list goes on. The underlying factor for Sikh sovereignty must be religion rather than geographic nationalism.

True Kabul Sangat was started by Guru Nanak Dev ji similarly Leh, Ledakh, Tibet, Assam, Sri Lanka, Turkey Baghad etc etc  so just as valid as Punjab's so even its infancy the faith was beyond borders and local culture .

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