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    • not if its haram but dnt choke on it bruv otherwise u can forget about doin parchaar every place ur big tedh takes u innit.
    • forgot to mention tht the focus shud be on those worth savin n tht aint whitey. these ppl have everythin in life. everythin. they live extremely comfortably yet they will neva give a thought about browny sufferin in poverty n war. dnt u think theyd have done something about it by now considerin their history in these places? they dnt care about u unless ur white. thts jus a fact. they really resent us n wish we wud disappear off the face off the earth asap. n dnt be silly to think this is an angry rant either about a few bad ones here n there. these folk r everywhere across the west. dnt be fooled by any of em. unless u live a closeted existence n think they dnt mean any harm. tht sound like ppl worth savin to u? look at the white kid who mimicked the appearance of a sikh to perve on little kids in gurdware toilets n give em wedgies. n then theres 3h0. thts how grateful n deservin these ppl r for sikhi. 100% agree on efforts bein better spent on 'india' on extremely poor ppl wiv similar culture/faith/tradition etc. this makes the most sense. the home of sikhi n where the mission started wud mean a lot of sikhi wud be preserved far more strongly as originally intended. n the ppl will not only be more receptive to the teachings than othas but far more deservin n grateful than the greedy white.
    • According to the akal takt eating or not eating meat does not make you any less or more Sikh. So get your facts right.  Eating meat. Is our right! To make us strong and feed our hunger.  Carry on eating your cabbage stew. While I tuck into my Pork joint like a real man. You sissy veggie luvin softee. 
    • ur one of em n the truth hurts. u dnt keep kes n u eat meat for taste yet u believe ur some sorta ambassador for the panth? u think u can save whitey by educatin em on sikhi wiv a haircut n bacon stuck in ur teeth? r u serious bruv? its jokers like u who cause so many problems we have today by settin these precedents to suit u.  sikhi aint a sweet shop. practice the teachings of sikhi urself first before u start preachin to othas.
    • I think we should give ajeet  break. He is a grown man and knows and realises he has made some mistakes. But why keep going on and lecturing the guy.  Im sure non of us are perfect and have some skeltons in tje closet. Would we be brave enough to come online and tell all.  Know we would rather hide and pretend we are perfect. Get a grip and realise that we all have done wrong in the past.   

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