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Imran Khan 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan

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Don't know but Pakistanis are very very happy! This 50+ Pakistani uncle at work showed me a video of Pakistanis celebrating the victory with a Pakistani woman doing a topless mujra with a big crowd of men pouring water all over her, while a patriotic song about Imran Khans win was playing at the back. It was very uncomfortable as the man showing me the video and grinning while watching it is old enough to be my father and has kids older than me. I really wanted to tell him i don't want to watch it but i didn't want to offend him or his culture as it was a video of his people celebrating the new era of Pakistan with Imran Khan as prime minister.  

But good luck to him ...

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I remember reading a glossy book written by him about the Tribal areas of Pakistan in the 1990s and he had a couple of photos of the Sikhs of that area who being a small minority there one would have thought would have been easily missed in such a book. There is one issue about him which is that he has justified the Taliban actions in some statements. That's not good for any minorities in Afghanistan when NATO pulls out. 

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