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Great YT channel

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Lovely channel giving historic knowledge about current state of Sikhi in Punjab , Ranjit Singh is so straight like an arrow  to the target


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    • Guest cyclistsingh
      Hi, I am an avid road cyclist. For cycling seriously you have to wear padded shorts or bib shorts, they look something like this: https://podia.cc/shop/club-bib-shorts-regular/ These are not ordinary shorts. They are padded and they allow you to sit for long hours on the saddle, without them cycling for long distances is impossible. Forget even short distances. Therefore, wearing kacherra is not possible. Can the bib shorts be considered a substitute kacchera if wore one leg in and out. Also wearing kirpan, kungha is not possible while cycling. Well kungha might be possible. However, you do need to wear a helmet to take part in cycling events. I'd like to know if it is possible to even continue with cycling while being amritdhari. When I say cycling I am not talking about the casual neighbourhood rider. I am talking about serious cycling with professional gear. Best,
    • Its hard being a bystander to someone else'stragedy.  Theres no right thing to do or say or to help.  You dont want to pry or bring up sad kemories and make them cry. You also cant crack a joke or talk about the weather, its callous. Being silent is awkward.  Like at a funeral, what can you say? So civilized ppl are smart, they came up with ritualistic words that can ease the awkwardness and keep things moving along. I think its great. If someone is sick. I can say i hope you feel better and you can move away. If someones relatives died you can say Im so sorry to hear about your grandma. If you meet someone, Hello Nice to meet you.  For a mildly autistic or atleast socially impaired person, these phrases r a god send. They let me know the right thing to say and express with my facial expression as well. It really makes socializing easier, i have a blueprint for every occurence. And then i can ask them what i need and go on my way. Without endlessly agonising how do i approach a grieving person, will asking them for a favor now be callous etc    
    • This is a good idea. Ive thought of something similar.  Sangat is divided by area and jatha/affiliations. So the akj in toronto get 5 representatives as do taksalis, nihangs, nanksariye, missionary, and 1 miscellaneous in toronto. And akj, taksali etc in BC will have their own 5 representatives.  So to make decisions for toronto, each group will choose 1 of their panj(the jathedaar) to make the city wide panj. As they will be from different jathas, but each jatha has representation, what ever they decide applies to every jatha.  And then the state or province panj will be made when the ecity panj each choose one from within them to be jathedaar and represent them in state council. The fact that the different sects have to choose someone they all agree will represent them will hopefully make them chose the best character, honest, kamaii wale persons. And every jatha will sent their best as they would want their representative to be chosen as the jathedaar.   Similarily nationally, all the states have to choose the best 5 to send to national council.  And the national council will choose the best 5 to send to the international council. I dont know if that makes sense 
    • 100 percent truth right here. i watched a long interview a while back on  a former police detective in the UK who was investigating this crap in the 70s. those cases didnt involve ethnic men but whites and he was told to stop investigating immediatley. i think the reason they doing this now is cos the pakistanis r visible minority easier for english masses to scape goat well turning blind eye to the ones who profit most from this the ppl sitting at top 
    • Guest Jazzy D
      I am a mixed race kid and follow both cultures, religion and heritage, no probs man! I can speak 4 languages and dress in different attires depending on where I am going and I love being noticed because I am different. My mother is mixed punjabi with Bengali and father a real scotsman brought up on scotch whiskey and haggis! I know about Bengali, punjabi and Scottish cultures and Sikhism, Hinduism and Christian religions! I have also met Ope John Paul when he was a pope and many mahapurshas and swami Jis from India 🇮🇳 
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