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Mahandulai is a Troll

Guest Ban anti-Sikh trolls

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Guest Ban anti-Sikh trolls

All Sangat know that this anti-Sikh troll mahandulai has been posting bait recently.

It now turns out from a search of his IP address that this guy's real name is Mahmud Ullah Dulai.

But he thought he could troll freely on here by tweaking it due to his Pakistani Jatt surname.

And guess what this Pakistani Dullard aka mahandulai was the same cat trolling as Guest puzzledtoo 

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I don't really like asking for this, but can we just ban him now? He's been more of a disruption than anything else, and it's been proven that everyone else thinks so. 

Well done Guest Ban jee . Excellent job, by revealing the  truths of a troll.  I had my doubts since the very beginning he stepped in, he was even told that the type of questions he asked, were n

good. job this guy along with toopuzzled are only here to cause disruption and troll.   

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Guest puzz1ed
2 hours ago, puzzled said:

He keeps his hair and wears a pagh. 

That's the genius of the Pakistani troll.

By pretending to be a Sikh of his same surname he tries fly under the radar

That's why chose puzzledtoo as in order to look respectable initially.

So that peeps thought it was you (puzzled).

In short puzzled is not the same as Guest puzz1ed.

The only thing Mahmud Dulai has to be proud of is a circumcision (not a Dastar)


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15 hours ago, puzzled said:

He keeps his hair and wears a pagh. 

i can claim to be a sikh who has a yt tube persona ...anyone can doesn't mean it's true ... I mean we know that RSS agents have in the past done the same disguise as a sikh to avoid detection , Modi even did it ...

sikh =/= man+karda OR man+pagh OR man+pagh+dhardi OR man+ 5 kakkars 

Sikhi is represented by actioned  rehit

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46 minutes ago, Punjabiwolves said:

well mods will know his IP and can trace his name in his e-mail . if you click on  IP info  for each post mods and admins can be informed of previous accounts used (if any)    

Ah okay, just a bit confusing because OP said they found his name from his actual IP, not the email address.

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On 10/19/2018 at 6:07 PM, Punjabiwolves said:

is this really him ?


Sangat Ji,  i have seen Mahan's posts on this forum and based on the name i assumed it was this singh. I happen to vaguely know him as we are from the same area and the same Gurdwara. i can assure you that he is not muslim, he is from a punjabi background and has kept kesh all his life. He isn't from an amritdhari background but they do occasionally go to the Gurdwara and are certainly not pakistani. we know he posts some weird things but if you have seen his videos, you can see he has his own way of thinking and that shouldn't be used to label him anti sikh. i'm not saying i agree with anything he says but i just want sangat to know that from being aware of who he is, he isn't some anti sikh pakistani troll. that being said it might not be this singh lol it could be someone else who knows. 


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    • Our ancestors kept all muslims at an arms length, even the ones they befriended or were fellow villagers. The danger lies in the dormant aspects that can take full form at some unfortunate point in the future. I know many doabias go to these sufi-lite jagahs, but they don’t realize that all it’s going to take is a slight consolidation by a genuine muslim leader to bring their children permanently into the fold. After 2 or 3 generations it can go from casually visiting the pir,  to building mosques in the pinds. The native Punjabi Sikhs just don’t see the wider picture. The loss of half of all land and wealth and about 10-20% of the Panth isn’t enough of a reminder. Or the fact there are only 15 thousand Sikhs in ALL of Pakistan, while there are over 0.5 million in just Indian Punjab. Sufi or no sufi, we need to learn to stay clear. Reciprocate the same level of respect, sure, but nothing more.
    • Nothing like this instruction exists in any extant rehats I have seen. I think it is just something people learnt to say to stop people asking them to show their kirpan. 
    • No I don't really use the word 'broads' in conversations I have. I just use it online for a laugh. Your explanation is a good one. 
    • Moinudin Chisti (Ajmer Sharif) is probably the most well known Sufi in India. The dargah Ajmer Sharif, shrine of Moinudin Chisti is one of the most well know dargahs of South Asia, many Bollywood actors go there. Chisti came into South Asia with the invaders and supported the invaders in their Jihad against the Hindu kings. When Muhammad Ghori defeated the Hindu king Pritviraj Chauhan, Chisti rejoiced and wrote how Pritviraj Chauhan was handed over to the "army of Islam"  
    • Sikhs at Rauza Sharif, shrine of Ahmad Sirhindi. 
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