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Muslim Amere Dhaliwal faking as a Sikh

Guest SikhPressAssociation

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Guest Khalsa aint Rapists
On 10/21/2018 at 12:10 AM, Guest Hang Muslim Dhaliwal said:

Amir Muhammad Dhaliwal pretending to convert from being a Muslim in the years before 2013 to pretending to be an Amritdhari Sikh and changing his name to Amere Singh Dhaliwal should not be tolerated by the Sikh community.

This Muslim known before 2013 as Amir Muhammad Dhaliwal deserves to be hanged


On 10/21/2018 at 12:28 AM, Guest ex Muslim said:

lol no wonder Amir Dhaliwal thought he was being a good Muslim


On 10/21/2018 at 12:38 AM, Guest Hang Muslim Dhaliwal said:

Reason why Amir Muhammad Dhaliwal the Muslim is hated by all Sikhs


On 10/21/2018 at 11:53 AM, Guest Huddersfield Sikh said:

Image result for huddersfield groomers

Amir's friends. 100% Pakistan Muslims.


On 10/21/2018 at 11:01 PM, Guest Hang Muslim Dhaliwal said:

Image result for huddersfield grooming gang this man is not a sikh


11 hours ago, Guest Huddersfield Singh said:

I was in the same class as this Muslim groomer "Amere" at school.

He was an atheist at school but then converted to Islam later as an adult.

This guy was well known in Huddersfield as a Muslim convert called Amir.

But then after the police found out his grooming he grew a long beard.

Now the Pakistani's are boasting that he has given Sikhs a bad reputation.

And gone straight back to openly being a Muslim once again inside prison.

So sad that the Khalsa Panth's pristine reputation for helping others with kindness and saving innocents is being dragged into the dirt by this Muslim Dhaliwal

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22 hours ago, Guest Huddersfield Singh said:

I was in the same class as this Muslim groomer "Amere" at secondary school.

He was an atheist at school but then he converted to Islam later as an adult.

This guy was well known in Huddersfield as a Muslim convert called Amir.

But then after the police found out his grooming he grew a long beard.

Now the Pakistani's are boasting that he has given Sikhs a bad reputation.

And gone straight back to openly being a Muslim once again inside prison.



How do you know what he has done in prison? Do you know someone on the nonce-wing who is reporting back to you?



Why did Amir Muhammad have passport and driving license ID in name of Amir Muhammad when he was committing all the horrific rapes and sexual crimes?

How do you know this? Have you seen them? How and where?

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Guest Mortgage Broker

Yes Dally I can confirm this went by the name of Amir Muhammad on his ID as he used it for a buy to let.

It's an open secret in Huddersfield that despite the beard on camera he's gone back to being a proper Muslim again in prison

What's laughable is that people are upset that a Muslim groomer has been defined by the religion he follows and some people in his family are upset as if they have been accused of being Muslims. Nobody has said that. His background is one thing. His religion the last 15years has always been Muslim.

How clever we are as Sikhs. People with the names Gupta, Sharma or Kumar who attend Gurdwara are termed non-Sikhs.

Yet when it comes to a Muslim groomer all thats needed to qualify as a so-called Sikh is having a nice Sikh grandad 

Amere Muhammad Dhaliwal can have an Anand Karaj but people with Hindu, Buddhist or Jain parents aren't allowed

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Guest Huddersfield Guest

Please let us get to the bottom of this man's true name and identity.

I have heard from someone else in town who used to go to school with him that his real name is Amarjit / Amerjit and that his parents are Sikh.(I do not understand how he has got through his trial and conviction under the false nickname "Amere".)

The person I spoke to said "Amere" did associate primarily with Muslims at school and began to follow Islam, before adopting Sikhism and growing his beard and wearing turban after being arrested. He continued to brazenly attend temple while awaiting trial and refused requests from temple to cut his beard and remove turban.

Previously he used to frequent pubs and nightclubs in the town and was ejected a number of times for groping girls.

But electoral roll websites like 192.com do not show any Amere or Amarjit/Amerjit Dhaliwal residing in Huddersfield in the last 10 years so what is his true name? The other convicted offenders in this case have not been permitted to hide their identities so why should the ringleader?

Also with regard to people from Huddersfield having contacts on the nonces wing reporting back, bearing in mind that 20 of our former neighbours are now resident in nonces wings this would not be surprising!

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7 hours ago, BhForce said:

With all due respect to Bhai Mohan Singh, who is one of the greatest Sikhs of the UK, he has not really refuted the allegations about "Amere" or whoever being a Muslim.

The presenter, Sunny the victim girl, and Bhai Mohan Singh all say that raising the question of what religion the perpetrator was is pointless because it takes the focus off the victims, and it doesn't matter.

But it does matter, because that's what can allow us to prevent future problems. If the perp was a Muslim (of some sort), then it means we need to be wary of Muslims. If he was a Sikh, then we need to put our own house in order.

What Bhai Mohan Singh said doesn't refute the allegations of him being a Muslim. He said that the guy comes from a Sikh family, his dada was a Sikh. Which is not to do with the perp. That just means he comes from a Sikh background, not what he was when he committed the crimes.

Second, he says his wife was an amritdhari Sikh, and children Sikh. As stated above, his wife did not know what he was up to.

Third, he stated that the perp took Amrit. This is so horrendous that this criminal violated and disgraced the Amrit granted by Guru Gobind Singh ji. However (and I don't know this), some people are saying he did this as a cover.


But most importantly, Bhai Mohan Singh grants that the perp's entire schooling, residence, and work was with and among Muslims. And there you have it: this man, from his very childhood, came under heavy Muslim influence. And you know very well that Muslims don't just stop at "Oh, you're a Sikh, cool." No, they wear you down until you recite the Shahada (Muslim declaration of faith).

The fact is that this man's entire circle of friends was with Muslims. The presenter never touched on the question of what the man's thinking must have been, and how it was totally Islamic.

That's the point. And that's why people are calling this criminal a Muslim.

He was as much Sikh as the killers of Massa Rangar, who posed as Muslims to gain access to behead him, were Muslims.

either way we still have to sort our house out as there ARE many cases of child abuse hidden away . Paedophila is a plague that is spreading through internet and becoming an industry . I agree with Guru ji's words sangat is the ultimate influence , you hang with paapi , flawed people you become like that . I know the whole grinding down of kids self-confidence by muslims , my twin sons have been through a couple of years of ISIS beheadings , veiled threats etc  at college , they are amritdhari so that gave them a core to rely on else if they are the average kid in sikh homes they would have been browbeaten into being like those neanderthals.
Until victims come forward after 2013 we can only say he did this in kusangat and in his mates' gang . Another point brought up they claim he was the ring leader and yet how many muslims you know who will follow a kuffar or even a recent convert?

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Guest Clown Pardhaan

totally bizarre how the pardhaan rang in upset that this Muslim groomer Dhaliwal was being called out as a Muslim

it amounted to saying that u can believe in Islam + be a groomer but we get upset if peeps dont call him an Amritdhari

on the other hand Pakistani Muslims have more intelligence + try to hide their $hit as "Asian"

Thanks to this Muslim Amir Dhaliwal people have all but forgotten 90% of the gang + groomers generally are Muslims

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I'd like to make a few points here:

Look, I think some people are so (understandably) upset about this disgrace, that they are struggling to accept the truth about this guys background. Just face up to it  - twisting facts will not help. I think what a lot of people are doing is actually something called 'cognitive dissonance' in psychology (look it up, it is interesting). They are so uncomfortable with the fact of this guys background that they are doing all manner of weird stuff to try and twist the facts otherwise, essentially to make themselves feel better. This is REALLY bad and people should resist this impulse. It's just like all those Muslims I meet who after a terrorist atrocity in the UK start talking about it all being an elaborate media conspiracy which didn't take place in reality because they can't accept a Muslim has done it.   Don't be like them.

Yes, we will have bad apples in our community. How is it possible that we won't? I think there is also an insidious politicised agenda by some to attempt to harm the good reputation Sikhs generally have in England - which I believe is in reaction or retaliation for the persistent efforts by some Sikhs to combat the real problem of grooming by Pakistani Muslims for a number of decades now (which I hope will continue until the problem is eradicated for the sake of the future and current generation of targeted children in this country). Exposing the states machinery's (i.e. politicians, police, social services and certain sections of the media) culpability through indifference to these things probably upsets them. So they'd try and throw mud back to undermine this when they have a good chance. And these two sewer-rats gave them just that.

I don't think it is coincidental that a few days/weeks after some brothers exposed grooming attempts of Sikh girls (including one nonce who had the front to try and meet an underaged girl outside of a Sikh school)  - that reached mainstream media (Sky news from what I heard) - this information is released. Certain opportunist type political figures from Pakistani Muslim backgrounds also appear to have done a weird self-contradictory u-turn by one minute admitting that a Pakistani problem exists and even ordering an inquiry into it, but then subsequently throwing the word 'Asian' about because a case emerged that involved 18 Pakistani blokes and 2 blokes from Sikh backgrounds. This doesn't change the general pattern of the grooming gangs we are seeing.

Please open your eyes to how people are also posting all sorts of misinformation (on here and elsewhere) claiming that they knew and met him and that this and that is the truth. We don't have any way of verifying these claims. What Mohan Singh has found from his research in Huddersfield seems pretty solid and verified. 

I think admin should consider banning anonymous posts which contain unverifiable statements by people claiming to know Dhaliwal, especially when they so frequently contradict each other.  This is just all misinformation. 

Another thing I find weird is how Dhaliwal gets all the attention but the other nonce from amongst us is hardly mentioned. 


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    • *bump I firmly believe that one quote in regards to cannabis is not written by Guru Nanak Dev Ji (O'lord the fear of thee). B/c nasha is nasha. But cannabis is a bit a different since it was used for medicinal purposes in India also. 
    • I feel gurdwaras are maybe somewhat getting back to their functions as dharmsalas containing schools and learning centres. With panjabi schools, gurmat classes, santhiya, martial arts, keertan training, with sikhi camps occasionally in towns, there is somewhat some functions connected to traditional gurdwaras of the past.
    • I do sometimes think that the function of a gurdwara has expanded to things that were not expected before. We expect them to be political institutions, we want them to be social clubs, we want them to be creches, we want them to be daycare centres. 
    • there's too many Kenya Singhs in those kinda gurdwaras, really chummy chummy with the goras and politicians, fixo the beards to the max and younger generations just trimming it instead of getting into the fixo malarkey, lack of open beards and turbans you can take off like hats, don't make for intimidating or annakhi singhs. I heard that pakistanis try to pickup girls from the Slough Ramgharia gurdwara.  They need to join with the other 2 gurdwaras in Slough to help them out, they can't act like the elders did where they split from the Singh Sabha gurdwara because they were too aggressive, now is the time to use that aggression.  And the Guru Maneyo Granth gurdwara Bath Road gets nationwide sangat on Sundays, so just use those numbers in Slough! in these gurdwaras, gyanis and sewadaars are known by the regular sangat, and regular sangat is close knit. Activities and panjabi schools are also good as most of the same children come.  In both areas, I don't like the lack of cooperation between Ramgharia and Singh Sabha gurdwaras. Overall it's a benefit to have gurdwaras in at least 2 different locations in big towns and cities. But it's bad if they don't cooperate, especially in major issues that Khalsa is known for. Ramgharia gurdwaras like to rep up Maharaja Jassa Singh Ramgharia, with the Slough gurdwara even having a statue. But the lack of keeping Khalsa rehit, looking too scared and cowardly to keep full beards or open beards, not acknowledging the Khalsa Nihang Singh mentality of Jassa Singh and being stuck in the kenya Singh mentality, not even willing to read Chaupai Sahib properly during Rehras, and many of these Ramgharia gurdwaras are not even willing to keep basic rehit of allowing sitting on the floor for langar and allowing shoes inside as well, all these behaviours aren't working for chardi kala of the panth! It's like they are trying to keep their own type of sikhi, it's not even a tradition, just being stuck in their own box, they are not in the colonial British army, or serving in the world wars, or making train tracks or some other jobs for the gora, why do they behave this way, this archaic stuff in gurdwara? And doesn't do justice to Jassa Singh Ramgharia, who would have been a rehitee Nihang Singh, annakhi Singhs who defeated the enemies and kept in the brotherhood of the Khalsa with the other misls, even after their whole misl was excommunicated expelled from the panth, they still rejoined the Khalsa and helped defeat the enemies! I don't see them trying to integrate with the rest of the panth in the ramgharia gurdwaras, not like Jassa Singh, obviously it's the elders who instil these mentalities, with some of the youngsters trying to connect back into sikhi!
    • Try get CBT - Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a type of talking therapy. It is a common treatment for a range of mental health problems. CBT teaches you coping skills for dealing with different problems. It focuses on how your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes affect your feelings and actions. It can help overcome anxiety. In the UK you can self-refer to a professional service offering CBT therapy. I know a few people who have had this and it helped with their social anxiety. 
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