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One aspect of not yet married

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Not really a Q. More of a statement. Girls... What are you doing? Boys... Same can go to you! You're in your 30's, highly educated, nice job n u cannot seem t "find the right partner?" (this post excludes who wish to remain single). But d rest... Whas keeping yah?

What do Sikh people say in society? "Remember! Education doesn't matter. Wha matters is Partner should b Nitnemi and hard working." And when a person uneducated/ less educated approaches the same Sikhs to marry their child?? "Marriage!? Whas your education up to??" THAS IT! Gal katham. The end. There's no room for "Can I at least meet your son/ daughter??" (am speaking from experience as a single who been thru this numerous times).

WOMEN! I am now engaged to someone in Punjab. HERE'S MY PLAN! After marriage if she wishes to work she can. If she wishes to carry on teaching but gets a job far from my Hometown, we'll settle over there so she carries on working. I'll easily manage a job (TRUST! Indians always seek people willing t work below minimum; factory or takeaways). See? I have these plans to SUPPORT my future wife. She may not be baptised. I made it clear to her "If u wish to take Amrit or not u will not b forced. It'll b entirely up to u." SUPPORT! SANGAT JI! SUPPORT... Plus with kirpa am financially sorted, on top.

WOMEN! Next time a proposal comes to you, at least hear out the guy, see wha he says. Working + still with parents = financially sorted. Is he willing to move out? Can u still work after marriage? If in a far town both working, will you compromise and move in his town? Or is he willing t give up job and move with you???

All this is decided after meeting/ speaking or messaging on phone. What are we focused on? Education only. Gal kathm. No wonder so many 35-40's are still single (again, from experience what I seen but am 29).

Bottom line, you wanna get somewhere at least GO and MEET UP with the proposals with your family.

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    • Guest Arvinder
      For some reason a word was replaced by double slash(some javascript issue), I corrected it below. Eh Mantra Padke Us Murat Ko Sinche // 108 Praat(Ladies use prat to dough atta) mai Bitha Kar ke Eh Mantra Padke Us Murat Ko Sinche vaar 108 Praat(Ladies use prat to dough atta) mai Bitha Kar ke
    • There is no quota nor any limit on naam  Jap or recitation of Gurbani. Guru sahib says that we human must remember god -  waheguru in every breath of ours. Every pore of our body should be in rhythm with saas grahas simran of wahe (inhale) guru (exhale) of each and every breath. Breath without remembering God is wasted.
    • Good luck and keep sharing your views here. 
    • Guest Arvinder
      Giras-rog is not a particular type of rog, instead the bidhi says about rog-grast, which means if someone is sick or unwell in general. This third bidhi of sampat paath is very powerful tool for healing the disease, but unfortunately, the published book has misleading bidhi and also missing its sampat shabad. I always refer back to the original-artifact while I read the published copy. Thankfully, the scanned image of the original granth is available in the Panjab Digital Library (http://panjabdigilib.org) website. In search-bar look for the word "mukat". The first result is Mukat Marag Granth and this bidhi is on the 13th page. There can be a little issue reading this granth because it is in ladivar/continuous gurmukhi, but still it is not that hard to understand. The bidhi says: Triti bidh| Je RogGrasat Hoi To Etta Sampat Kar Path Kare "Dukh Rog Binse Bhai Bharma, Sadh Naam Nirmal Take Karma" (This is the second last Tuk in Sri Sukhmani Sahib). Etta Shabad Shabad Per Sampat Deve| Punah Bhog Ante "Sorath Mahla 5 Janam Janam K Dukh Nivare" Kusa(Type of grass) Ki Murat Guru Ki Banave| Eh Mantra Padke Us Murat Ko Sinche // 108 Praat(Ladies use prat to dough atta) mai Bitha Kar ke Ve Jal Shrir Pe Sinche| Rogi Ko Arogta Hoi| Purbokat Kare Ante. Sounds like: First of all, complete Sri Akhand Paath sahib with sampat of "Dukh Rog Binse Bhai Bharma, Sadh Naam Nirmal Take Karma" on every shabad. After completion, make Guru ji's murat of Kusha grass, place HIM in a praat and pour water on HIM 108 times while repeating the Sorath Mahla 5 shabad "Janam Janam K dukh Nivare" (whole shabad mentioned by @MrDoaba). Then pour the water (collected in praat) on the body of the sick person. Consulting the bidhi with a knowledgeable gurmukh is always good. For the sampat Akhand paaths, the best way I think is to have it done in Nanaksar gurudwara/ or at home by Nanaksar-paathis and tell them what shabad you want to use for sampat. Nanaksar has the ritual of the sampat paths, so, they know the complete Maryada. The rest of the process with the Guru Murat made of Kusha grass (or tasks specific to a particular sampat path) can be completed with the consultation of pathis by showing them the original bidhi. In general, if we do not get any outside help for using the bidhis, or if people laugh at it, we should not afraid of using this treasure ourself and keep in mind that Guru ji made it for us only. Rather then doing nothing, it is always better to try, learn from mistakes and progress and clean the way for others who follow so they can benefit from Gurbani. Guru ji is allknowing, always forgiving and always shows us the right way so we do not need to hesitate from using these bidhis. We should proceed with full confidence on our Guru who is God himself. Many times I have heard people saying we do so many paths, donations, etc and our problems are still standing. Maybe we do not know the right way to fix the problems. This granth has countless solutions to all the problems and much more in Guru Ji's own words. We really need to dig in this direction with full faith. Bhul chuk lai mafi
    • Guest guest
      i mean *does he need more religious reading?
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