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    • 5hitty people doing 5hitty things. They can't operate on the basis of integrity and the basic values of decency. It's always, "How much can I wring from this person?" These types of people, unfortunately, only understand and fear force. Verbal means of interaction and compromise like a human being are considered to be signs of weakness. Sadly, the only way to get through to these cunning yet cowardly people is by, temporarily, being a bigger b*****d than them.
    • Please don't use this "if you are bless to have a daughter" because this is putting women on a pedestal.  The reality is that there are truths whether you like them or not. I would not like my daughter to dump some decent hard working guy for a richer guy just because he had more money and getting a higher status. But I know that when my daughter gets married she will look into how much the guy makes, what profession he is in, will her status increase, does he have his own house, does he make more than her.  Please don't say this particular feature does not exist in a women's nature. Just because you may not act upon it does not mean it doesn't exist. I could bring you example after example said out of woman's mouth and her actions that someone can connect the dots. There a truths (unflattering) about men's nature which I don't find it offensive. Now should I say "I would should be blessed to have a son". Here is a reality about men's nature. There is part of men's nature that if a man could he would have unlimited sexual access to as many women as possible. The reality is that this is not possible for the majority of men. 90 per cent of men at least this is impossible.  Here is another uncomfortable  reality,  you have more female ancestors than male ancestors and you know why?  Because throughout human history, human's were never monogamous. 80 percent of men never bred with women because 20 percent of the top tier had access to all the women. Women sexually selected top tier men to have kids with. They shared their men with other women and they preferred that to having a low status man. That is how the institution of marriage came about with one woman to one man. There are truths about muslims nature which on another thread which a muslim probably finds offensive. We don't bat an eyelid because we know it is the truth. It is 2020, equality does not mean putting women on a pedestal. You want privilege. You are also displaying a behaviour as well that my bhuas directly from their mouths have told me which is unflattering about women and that is they never like to admit to their foibles. 
    • What is with the muslim obsession with debates? They have so many uncomfortable flaws in their faith they literally need to be a lawyer to constantly defend it. It explains a lot about their general aggressive attitude. Even this muslim neighbour, doesn't answer a straight question, keeps deflecting and targeting jvk.
    • I had darshan of sant ji when I was a child. He was my baba ji's friend. 
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