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    • ur one of em n the truth hurts. u dnt keep kes n u eat meat for taste yet u believe ur some sorta ambassador for the panth? u think u can save whitey by educatin em on sikhi wiv a haircut n bacon stuck in ur teeth? r u serious bruv? its jokers like u who cause so many problems we have today by settin these precedents to suit u.  sikhi aint a sweet shop. practice the teachings of sikhi urself first before u start preachin to othas.
    • I think we should give ajeet  break. He is a grown man and knows and realises he has made some mistakes. But why keep going on and lecturing the guy.  Im sure non of us are perfect and have some skeltons in tje closet. Would we be brave enough to come online and tell all.  Know we would rather hide and pretend we are perfect. Get a grip and realise that we all have done wrong in the past.   
    • Init Bro. Wagwan. But with the way you speak. Im sure punjabi will live on. Init?
    • op ur jus an attention seeker cuz this aint the first tym uve sed n dun this before. if ur gna go then leave for gd otherwise take a break from this forum, sort ur problems out then cum bk wen things r better.
    • no cuz its our lot who duz tht for whitey instead. sed it before n gna say it again tht it can only be a matter of tym until more n more panjabis become even more obsessed wiv convertin whitey n shud tht happen then we better have enough historical artifacts to rememba sikhi in its pure n original form. cuz whitey will soon add their own mirch n masala n cud eventually turn this dharam into something completely different. anyone here even bothered to think about tht? sikhi wud become unrecognizable. itll slowly become even more diluted with western culture, their corrupt accepted social norms n lazy thinking (cuz these ppl love comfort). panjabi wud become an irrelevant language as wiv otha eastern languages wiv eastern morals/values seen as backwards/old fashioned n eastern traditions lyk cultural festivals, food, clothing n musical instruments all inferior/worthless n something to have as a treat or use on a special occasion. oh hang on...this is already happenin today n browny still doesnt get it. such a weak, cowardly n outryt pathetic ppl. pray my days r finished before it gets even worse.

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