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What do you guys think of Harnaam Kaur

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She first came in the public's eye when she appeared on tv talking about her PCOS and struggle. Sikhs especially Sikh women started getting all exited about her. Many put her on a pedestal when she first came out. I went on her Instagram and she seems quite confident in herself. Saw some very bizarre photos, many look satanic and disturbing. She has pics of her grabbing her bare b00B and her lazying about in a bath tub. What i don't understand is why she wears a dastaar while doing all this stuff? She's half naked in most photos, has satanic tattoos, piercings etc  i guess i can see why some Sikh women look up to her.  I just got very conflicting messages from her pics, seems like a confused individual. 

A lot of Sikhs are having a go at her on social media but she seems to respond back with SlUttty photos.   

Not many British Sikhs in the public eye or on social media, so do you guys like her? do you get inspired? 

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21 hours ago, puzzled said:

There's this one as well. 


Yo! Bhenji in the vid. I 100% know this about women with facial hair/ looks but have you interviewed Amritdhari women, wha men they want?? HINT! Start off by asking educational n jobs lol. I KNOW it not about that but u may be surprised...

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