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Christian missionary murdered by tribal people of the Andaman Islands


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Some American missionary guy who apparently  had a calling from his god (lmao) was thick enough to go to the Andaman islands which are under India, and preach the local tribal people about Jesus, god, and all that bs,   Unsurprisingly he had arrows and other tribal weapons shot at him and died. Its heartwarming to know that none of these tribal people will be arrested, but the Indian police are still trying to find his massacred remains in the ocean.  Apparently he did 3 year research into these people, clearly didn't learn much did he. His god had a completely different calling for him than what he had thought.    These desperate missionaries have destroyed many indigenous tribal traditions in India especially in the North East. I guess these tribal people were smart enough not to fall for his man god Jesus 


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14 hours ago, namespace said:

My friends, I have a very harsh thing to say.

If he tried to convert them and they killed him, good.


bro i agree with you! its their land,culture and people and they can defend it from intruders how ever they like and thats what they did! he was after all a intruder in their land. They saw a threat and did what their instinct told them to do, kill 

i hate how these western missionary b@stards think they are the cure for foreign cultures and traditions and how other cultures need them. That is a sick and terrorist like mentality. 

also these people are the most isolated tribe in the world, their immune system will not fight against modern viruses that these sick missionaries can introduce to them, a simple cold could wipe out the whole tribe.

I love the fact that these brave tribal warriors fought for there land and culture, they stood their ground good for them. they clearly do not want any contact with the outside world and that should be respected. 

I am pleased that they are a protected under the indian government 

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