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Do you believe marriages between same-sex couples is valid in Sikh Dharam?

Do you believe marriages between same-sex couples is valid in Sikh Dharam?  

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  1. 1. Do you believe marriages between same-sex couples is valid in Sikh Dharam?

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    • No

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4 minutes ago, jkvlondon said:

bro I'm not being rude , but I have had the experience of another gay sikh twisting and inserting words to justify lifestyle ...didn't want anyone go down that line because it is dangerous for that person's future happiness. Guru ji treated Kauda a cannibal just the same as Sajjan thug  same as all the others who wanted his kirpa.

Oh ok, that's fine I guess, but just remember that everyone's different, there are God knows how many Sikhs in this world and I'm only 18 at the moment so I've got a long way to go (to even think about that kind of stuff frankly)... 

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On 11/22/2018 at 11:24 PM, GuestSikh06 said:

1st paragraph: Yes I totally agree with the lust stuff and especially with social media being on the rise it's hard to not portray and conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner (meaning we're becoming vain as the days go by). Wouldn't you say it's the Gurdwara committee members/Giannis fault who are helping conduct the marriage? The couple simply would be going there to get married so on and so forth.

2nd paragraph: Looking into the whole sex education thing, I remember in primary school we were shown an animated video on intercourse and some of the kids after that came across some inappropriate animated videos which I'm guessing some of you might have an idea of that. And yes, it was in that time frame where everyone started to explore stuff if they had the access. I thought you meant that being LGBT was filth in the first place?! I actually had a secondary sex education as well where they actually brought stuff in to demonstrate what goes on, but I didn't have my own laptop or phone to actually explore more so I guess I'm so lucky in terms of that. Trust me when I say this, in 20 years time the focus won't even be on Gay people only God knows what other orientations there are in any shape or form (even being Gay I'm saying this!!!). 

No offence taken lol, I try to stay humble when it comes to topics like this because it's one of those things you'd only understand if you were actually LGBT, so some opinions don't phase me but religion is important to me. If someone offends me, I tell them ''If God is inside everyone, then why should you stretch that extra mile in hurting someone'' (in other words you hurt a part of God, very philosophical if I say so myself :) ). Then again I'm only 18 so I've got loads more to learn and I'm willing to learn with a positive mind frame!!

Apart from marriages in a Gurdwara, I don't believe in marriages in convenience, forced marriages, honour killings against LGBT people, bashings, beatings of any nature in the name of izzat etc. 

Yeah its wrong to treat someone bad because of who they are. In fact its wrong to treat anyone wrong for whatever reason. Its important to try and see yourself in others, as in how would you feel if someone did the same with you. the more you get into Sikhi the more you start noticing these things. I used be a bit mouthy before but now im not lol      whenever i do end up talking about someone i feel very bad.  Sikhi does change you for the best ...      god watches and listens to everything 

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