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    • That's 2 different things. India does not have one identity because every state has it's own linguistic and cultural identity. But the languages of each state developed in that region and are not foreign. Pakistan punjab on the other hand does not even have a punjabi newspaper! Neither do they speak punjabi in the punjab government! Or in the schools. They paki punjabis speak urdu.  Pakistan's national anthem is persian Indian heroes are all home grown, the rajputs, marathas, ashoka etc. And they all were south Asian not foreigners. Indians celebrating south asians and pakistanis celebrating the achievements of foreigners is 2 different things! Punjabi developed over a 1000 years ago, from what I read it developed in the central punjab region lahore/amritsar. Gurmukhi script was written in punjab. Indians do not have a identity crisis, Pakistanis do,  there is no comparison. Indians are now even changing the names of cities that the mughals changed back to the original indian names.  The culture of india and pakistan even b4 partition was different. Only punjabis from the Gurdaspur region, people of the thar desert and the Sindhis had similarities, the rest of the subcontinent was/is culturally very different and diverse.   
    • There will always be violence there due to Afghanistan. Foreign countries won't invest there as much. They were actually ahead of India in the 1970s and 1980s but went backwards due to General Zia Ul Haq who made it a backwards islamic sharia hellhole. I don't see them ever having a space program. Remember these are the people who believe that the meteorite in mecca comes from heaven. Even their top scientists think that. They even had a nobel prize winner for physics but they disowned him because he was an Ahmedi. With a mentality like that they will never get anywhere.
    • Well Pakistani economy is growing as well...not as fast as India's, but its made significant progress. Long way to go (for both nations), however. 
    • Economy is usually the most important thing for a nation. It's the reason why we're sitting here in the UK and Canada instead of Punjab.
    • Chandigarh was special to me in the 90s because it had sit down toilets instead of the squat ones lol.  Unless you have relatives there, there is no point visiting unless you want to go to malls that sell the same things as you get in the west. It is however a nice place to live. I don't know why Punjabi singers and Punjabi movies big it up so much, it's not a Punjabi city at all, the vast majority of the people are Hindi speakers or ya ya types. It's a miniature Delhi without the history. Since my nana and nana passed away I've got no inclination to ever visit again. Anandpur Sahib really is different to the rest of Punjab, so much more peaceful, yes I went to Baba Gurdita high up, Kiratpur and also that muslim shrine Buddan Shah where they claim Guru Nanak asked for milk from a sufi saint and said he would come back a hundred years later in a different incarnation (Guru Hargobind) to take the rest. It seems like a made up story to me. I wanted to see the Virasat E Khalsa museum, I remember when it was in the process of being built in 2000 but I never got time to visit it in 2018 when I last went. Did you go there? I will have to visit Machiwara the next time I am there. Himachal is beautiful, great scenery and monkeys galore.
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