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    • DESPITE WEAKENING ECONOMY, PAKISTAN APPROVES 1 BILLION FOR CONSTRUCTION AT BABA GURU NANAK UNIVERSITY CHANDIGARH, Punjab—Despite day by day weakening economy, the Pakistan government has approved PKR 1 billion for continuing the construction of Baba Guru Nanak University at Nankana Sahib.   On June 27, western Punjab’s CM Usman Buzdar approved ‘Baba Guru Nanak University Budget Bill 2020’ for the second phase of construction at Baba Guru Nanak University, under which PKR 1 billion will be spent for the construction of hostel, administrative block, and classrooms. A wave of ardency is being observed among the Pakistani Sikhs as soon as the completion of construction work at Baba Guru Nanak University is heading towards completion.   Baba Guru Nanak University will benefit thousands of students living in villages nearby to Sri Nankana Sahib, Sheikhupura, Jadaanwala, Okada, etc. It may be recalled here that the foundation stone of Baba Guru Nanak International University (BGNU) was laid in Nankana Sahib on July 12. The Pakistan government is likely to spend more than 2.5 billion rupees to develop a high standard infrastructure over 70 acres land allotted to the University. https://www.sikh24.com/2020/06/28/despite-weakening-economy-pakistan-approves-1-billion-for-construction-at-baba-guru-nanak-university/#.XzV1k-hKg2w
    • Isn't the real question, why do we laud someone just because they accumulated 'maya'? So many traditions including sikhi have stories of how it is false to worship people based on what they have as opposed to the content/actions of their minds. In a fake world, why should we make out that the 'fakest' people are the ones to praise/listen to? I've come across many like this guy, and while sycophants may laud them to feed their ego, they are generally quite dull folks, who in private are very lonely/miserable. 
    • Why are the mosques there? Why are the halal places there? Mainly its to serve the migrant workers (who then settle, like all migrant communities do). I've been going to India since the 80s and i've noticed the increase over that time, but I've also noticed how the young panjabi's are leaving the Punjab in droves or are too drugged up to work in the fields (or see it as work beneath them). So you have farms without a workforce (so the bihari's etc come in to work the fields). On the flip side you have NRI's who are buying up land and property pushing up prices (forcing more young people to leave, in order to earn more money just to keep up). So much of the problem is of our own making. This is just another reflection of our failure as a community (such as the in roads of Christian missionaries, converting low caste punajbis because for decades the apparently 'anti-caste' sikhs looked down on them and treated them like tuttie). 
    • Halal is Sikhi is prohibited.....its a sin for Sikhs to eat halal or kosher 
    • 100% .. Christian missionaries in Punjab is the most important and pressing issue at this present time in Punjab, followed by the targeting Sikhs as 'Khalistanis' and killing them 
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