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How to raise kids to be emotionally resilient and sikhi aware

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On 12/14/2018 at 4:31 PM, nav88 said:

I am a new parent and was looking for some help on how to raise a daughter who knows and practices sikhi principles in life

I found these lot cute - the guy saying you will make the Panj Pyare happy was the best lol


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How can we stop Sikh boys being too nerdy or emasculnated too? In these 'gender-fluid' times where some kids don't even seem to know if they are boys or girls, how can we raise up strong, masculine boys who will grow up to be men who will look after their own families and wider community?

Failure in this department is exactly what predatory pedos rely on, and is one of the reasons why they target us.   

This is a lot more complex than just making them take amrit in my opinion. 

I guess this begs the question: how do you encourage kids to be brave, strong and morally upright?

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yes send her to Punjabi classes so she will be able to read and write gurmuki from a young age. Every Sikh parent should send their kids to Punjabi classes, otherwise how else are they supposed to read bani, bani is the key to Sikhi. It becomes harder to learn gurmuki as an adult.


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