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    • They kind of self adjust as they reach full length. The initial growing stage is the most difficult. Try to avoid icecream in public, that's about it. Other thing is mentality. We condition ourselves into believing that getting some food on the hair is some sort of abomination, mostly due to societal pressure. Just take it in stride with confidenc. F the cowwokers opinion. It's just part and parcel of a lions eating. 
    • Thnks for sharing this. Really needs serious reflection. The singh focuses in on the plight of shaheed families. He makes a good point that the kaum should have raised the families, especially the children, to great heights, showing our own future generations and others how much we value them. If someone's willing down their life, the least the rest of non-combatants can do is support their kin. Imagine the next generation of shaheed's children reaching heights financially, and education wise, a true inspiration for our future. Instead, we show that apart from the few high profile families, the rest are left to suffer financially, socially, and physiologically. All we've done for the most part is invite them for the odd siropa, or treat them like beggars by taking pics while doling out chump change.  
    • Now that m working from home since a couple of months due to covid, I guess I lazed myself into letting my beard and mustaches grow . I think it's been a month since I trimmed them.  I am interested in keeping uncut facial hair and hope to walk on marg of sikhi better but the problem is my mustaches keep coming in between whenever I try to eat. Beard is not much of a problem but still gravy part sometimes fall into it. And I noticed trimmed facial hair is much easier to manage than uncut one. Now my mustaches almost curl on top of my upper lip and every time I eat I have to reset them by brisking them with my fingers.    Edit : I know I can use "fixo" as traditionally used, but still I don't want that face that's even hard to smile because of stiffness that fixo brings with it. Is there anyway to set mustaches sideways  
    • Our good old gadar boys from the sgpc and akali dal came to the rescue. The very ones that conspired with the indira congress indian govt to bring in the army while they saved their own lives. If akali dal wanted to they could have done a bandh of punjab and bring the state to its knee's and force the government to conceed to the demands but they were give incenstives back door sweet heart deals to keep quite and on board the system. So they are part and parcel of the system that oppresses Sikhs. Even hindus get oppressed by the indian state because if hindu's lived according to their own religious teachings and rights they would go against the laws of the indian parliament and so many of their new age guru's and swami's been imprisoned and in jail cos of crimes that are secular but in hinduism would not be considered crimes.
    • And that was during one of our most militant times. We're 10 times worse now.
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