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    • Sunny although the elder brother is quite envious of his younger brother and is desperate to get out of his shadow.  Must be quite hard for him to accept that Jagraj was the alpha male who got all the girls in his pre-amritdhari days. Jagraj was the charismatic one and Sunny was the creepy one.
    • Some singhs "vandalized" the giddha bhangra statues at the amritsar heritage street leading to jallianwala Bagh and harmandir sahib.  Those statues shouldn't be there in the first place.  Every time I been there the statues really annoyed me and looked very out of place.  They have a huge statue of maharaja ranjit singh which is fine. Its further down anyway.  Sadly from what iv read the singhs have been arrested.   
    • Things are changing here man  you can see lots of young singhs in the uk these days.  Older generation knew very little about sikhi themselves and knew more about superstions. Its thanks to people like bhai jagraj singh that so many people got into sikhi  As for paghs, older generations mostly wear the patiala style pagh while younger singhs wear dhumalla, which these days is the most popular style here. Boys from families that are from Kenya still wear Kenyan style mostly, but majority of then trim their dharis  in fact it's rare to see one with a full dhari, which defeats the whole purpose! 
    • curtains!! for his manhood and your pind's jawak's  
    • Yes, this is true. But the thread poses a question about UK paghs in general, not just paghs worn by proper singhs.   Anyway, the fact that most young Singhs in the UK wear a dumalla (as opposed to a nok wali pagh like the older generation) just shows how little the older generation did to pass on Sikhi to the next generation. Many young singhs in the UK got into sikhi on their own and therefore adopted the dumalla (perhaps the style most closely associated with traditional sikhi). 
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