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The Sikh Revolution by Jagjit Singh

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3 minutes ago, MisterrSingh said:

Is it fair enough, though? ? Their education doesn't seem to have granted them humility and understanding. What they've gained is a means through which to accumulate wealth and climb higher up the social ladder.


There's people in those circles who get their rocks off to seeing their married partners being done by other people for fun. For me, that kind of degeneracy is grounds for execution. Give me the guy making do with £30,000 a year, a supportive wife, and a couple of kids living in a two-bed semi. I'd rather spend a couple of hours with him than these so-called educated elites.

I mean they are 'better' in terms of educations, that's true. But agree humility lacking. 

You've gone off on a tangent with your next points though, although I agree it's best to see what values and morals people have rather than just like them based on their social status

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