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    • I reckon this alcohol problem go'es back to the times of the Islamic invasions. Punjab faced the worst of these invasions and i guess the men took to alcohol as an escape from reality. It would be interesting to know about alcohol consumption in Punjab during the invasions. Punjabi people have been a very depressed and defeated people for a very long time, constant fear and anxiety so it would be no surprise if they took to alcohol until it became a part of the "culture"  Punjabis on the other side of the border have very bad reputation with alcohol has well in their own country. Paki Punjabi man that used to live opposite our house was a heavy drinker and back in the 90s he drove his car right into the house and they ended up with a hole in their house, this behavior happens a lot among them back in their country. So it would interesting to see where this obsession came from.  Its so deeply rooted in people. makes you think if it will ever go away. Families really need to star putting their foot down because otherwise it will just spill into the next generation, i mean have people not had enough of it ? 
    • reckon they should be handicapped time wise / weightwise  because they have a definite advantadge  over women . I agree with Germaine Greer and Posie on the issue of trans women they are not women  and this whole nonsense has been created to overwrite biological women's achievements and remove their safe spaces .
    • really do you need a diagram ?He's referring to suhaag raat , yeah ewwww TMI TMI
    • that's why Guru Sahiban told us in emphatic terms to stay away from it because they knew that's the enemy's of the panths way to destroy us permanently . Look at aborigines , Amer-indigenous tribes, Inuit and Cananadian Indigenous , Scottish, Irish and Punjabis what do they have in common ? they were displaced and done over by the English and have propensity to drink their troubles away , and who encouraged their habit ? the English . Look at the government now here in Uk , the first thing they've done is open the pubs  starting from 6am !! on the 4th July whilst announcing enforcement of further lockdown in different regions and draconian measures in shops and on the streets which interefere in freedom of movement for the vulnerable .
    • I worked in retail but like in the warehouse part and the ladies who worked on the shop floor had to let men dressed as women into the female changing rooms! One of my friends worked on the shopfloor and she saw a man with a beard wearing a dress and he wanted to try a dress on and she was so disturbed she rang the manager and asked the manager a man wants to try a dress on in the female changing room and the manager said you have to let him!  Even men with c0cks who identify as women are sent to female prisons and then they rape the women inmates in there. 
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