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Sikh parchaar efforts in India

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Many talk about doing parchaar in the UK and the west but lets be honest. Its not exactly been a success here. But that is probably due to Sikhs lack of knoweledge of how to do it properly and ethically. 

I mean the only Sikhs converting in the west are a cult 3ho who are not even considered mainstream Sikhs. So apart from those guys no one else is becomming Sikh in the west. Apart from a the odd few people who are lucky enough to stumble upon the faith by their own doing. 

Which leads me on to the Punjab the headquaters of the Sikh faith. 

Why dont Sikhs set up parchaar in Punjab itself. As there are 14 millions Hindus that could become Sikh 

Yet due to our silly and ineffective leaders in Punjab. We probably have more Sikhs becomming Hindu and Christians then vice versa. 

Its time Sikhs woke up. Parchaar should start at home in Punjab at least then move onto other states. 

Many people are interested in Sikhism in India. Yet they have no where to go if they need information. 



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