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    • It's a case of a few bad apples plus it's grown in size but still run the way it was when it started and there were only a few people, many groups suffer from this kind of thing and if you don't keep on top of it stuff can get out of control.
    • Just to be clear to the sangat no one can say SYUK havent done no Sewa, what they are doing at the forefront is good.. it’s a ace how they’ve helped families & got youth to go to camps rather than going with mates. It’s how they think it’s right to have the bullying, intimidating approach within the Kaum that I think most are fed up about. The money that is raised by the sangat is not getting used to what was told to the sangat etc etc. The politics that happens when they formed SYUK when they were with SAS all of that, maybe yes it’s an excuse this situation with Herman Singh and family but it’s the right time for Deepa Singh to own up to all his allegations, make a video statement & step down from SYUK, his doing nothing but tarnishing a great organisation for Sikhi and a bad role model for the youth.
    • I don't have an axe to grind, if they're protecting Sikhi, good stuff, but attacking your one isn't protecting your own. Anyway, cheers for the judgment fella, much appreciated, alway's nice to be judged by someone you've never met.
    • Bro, that is a wrong understanding of Sikhi. There are not "different rules" for Amritdharis vs everyone else. There's one set of rules. It's just that Amritdharis actually follow them (or are supposed to). There's simply no rule you can't learn some sort of vidia (education) from a non-Sikh. I agree with not mixing with people that will harm your Sikhi. But we're not talking about "hanging out" with your Namdhari teacher. He's simply teaching you music. I should note that I'm simply talking about taking lessons from Namdhari (or Hindu, or Muslim) music teachers. Actually going into a Namdhari temple or mosque might require additional reflection.
    • Bro, what are you talking about? A lot of Sikh (and other non-Sikh, non-Christian kids) go to Church of England and other such schools. As long as you're not worshiping Jesus, I fail to see anything wrong in that.  In case you think that's just "modern" squishy Sikhs sending their kids to non-Sikh teachers, Guru Sahib's parents sent them to religious instructors for teaching them Punjabi or other Indian languages (Pandits) and Mullahs for learning Persian.

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