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    • Oh it's been an interesting week for those watching the sikh world , Jagmeet Singh becomes Deputy Prime Minister of Canada as Trudeau loses his majority. BJP choking on the backfired plan of undermining the sikhs in Canadian Politics 18 minsters voted in , the cherry being Jagmeet's appointment to deputy Prime minister and having Kingmaker status for his party. Yesterday's envoy visit to Harmandir Sahib jiĀ  left the Hinduvta fuming as not one of the 85 strong international contingentĀ  visited Durgiana Mandir after visiting Guru ji's darbar Seems like sikhi is raising in the international media view for a change ... hopefully Jagmeet will deliver clean water to the indigenous peoples of Canada .
    • the actual fact they got a chance to remember and go is a blessing /kirpa from Akal Purakh from their past good karams , all their current happiness, wealth , health , position is the kamai from past lives which they are frittering away clueless as to the source , in fact some even think it's down to their own efforts in this life ... what a joke . They need to wake up and lock down that kamai and build on top of it .
    • I was once leaving the Gurdwara, was Gurpurab or Baisakhi maybe....anyway, this family was leaving at the same time and I was walking past them. The mother, forgive me for saying, looked typically like a baandri. And her kid, was probably about 7-8, he goes "Mum why don't they give wine here? In Churches they give wine" - in reference to communion, wondering why prasad wasn't like that. His mother told him to be quiet and carry on walking. Now I know kids are inquisitive and ask all manner of questions - and either way I'm not blaming the kid, it's not his fault - but come on man, querying "where da wine at?" in the Gurdwara goes to show how devoid of Sikhi some of these folks are. Not only that but even something as simple as what a Gurdwara is or what it stands for? When people take their kids anywhere else, they tend to explain what it is. For some reason the Gurdwara doesn't count. I'm no one to suggest who should or shouldn't bother going; even a maha paapi who matha teks in front of Maharaajs wipes much of their karam away but I'd be lying if I said the thought didn't occur to me as to why such people actually do bother going.
    • https://www.news18.com/news/opinion/struggling-with-economic-slowdown-centre-gears-up-for-another-headache-as-fear-looms-of-tax-shortfall-2357251.html

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