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    • Well I do not think that someone who is running for their life in such extreme situations should be ignored , sorry to hear that all you guys would  because of some political issue ... look at the actions of the  people you are helping  are they being chased because they murdered or raped ...no because they are a teen girl or housewife whose had their male family members beaten/ burnt to death or even a small kid who running from baddies .... BJP aren't your buddies either , they were in there goading, joining in  raping  just like congress sponsored criminals  in 1984
    • one question : why was Bhai Taru Singh Punished ? Were there any less muslims ?
    • Haha exactly, we must have the right wing mentality of survival of the fittest. If we aren't the fittest like we haven't been for the last 150 years then we will get rolled over as we have been done since the fall of the sikh punjab empire and other surrounding sikh kingdoms.  If we aren't shrewd like the abrahamic's and continually to be left wing liberal idealists / cucks thinking some how those who hate us will start to accept and love us are sadly wrong and mistaken as history has proved time after time.    
    • Yep Sikhs should never help Muslims. Why should we help the people who want to convert us.  Yet we get those nambhi phambhi Sikhs who love brown nosing other faiths. To show how compassionate we are. While at the same time get a good rodgering for our attempts and pleasing all.  It time Sikhs went back to are martial traditions. Ie its Sikhs first others next.  It's time to get dirty and take off the gloves.  Don't know why some people are so scared of Hindus and believe they are a threat to us.and have some kind of inferiority complex.  The real threat is Muslims who want to convert all of India. 
    • We aren't the Jedi of Earth no matter how much some of you fantasists want us to be. There's hundreds of millions of Muslims in India, billions in Asia. They can help their co-religionists. If the afflicted asked for shelter and other assistance I wouldn't refuse, but I wouldn't go galavanting around like a delusional hero. There's won't be a throng of devte showering you with flower petals from heaven when you've done your little act of philanthropy and compassion. Wake up. Don't pass this useful id1ot mentality along to future generations. Look where it's got us so far.
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