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    • Kaam has been eroding the foundation of the Aikido community for a long time now. We literally had to splinter and form our own organization with rules regarding sex, as in don't, because it tears the community apart, but especially we do not tolerate it between high ranks and low ranks. We also only congregate in groups. Men and women are not found in single pairs and nobody is left alone with our kids. 
    • I had a friend who was put on an escort site. It was to malign her. She had no idea until she started getting calls. It happens to coincide with her looking for an apartment so she thinks the first dude that calls is a prospective roomate  and meets this dude. She gets in his car and realizes by gut alone, really Kirpa, that this is a bad situation and not what she thinks. So she says she left something inside and runs in to get it and didn't go back out.  Dude may very well be on a dating site or he mighta been put up on one. Probably the former but my point is you never know these days. The internet is unverifiable largely.  When it comes to Sikhs... they've been so heavily targeted for generations with fake news, fake encounters, infiltration and  misrepresentation, that for me.. it's hard for me to believe any accusation against a Singh or Singhni without proper proof. Even proof would have to be verified. 
    • Mmm that dude doesn't come off as being into boys. What proof was offered against him?
    • People with the resources can sue guilty or innocent. Most of us pray to accept Hukam.  Remember a standard tool of deceivers is to accuse their enemies of their own crimes.  I don't know anything about these individual accusations but remember sometimes its true, and sometimes it isnt, and sometimes it fits an agenda and we have to stay vigilant and discerning. 
    • 21 times a day for 40 days
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