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Guest 500rma

Has “Amritdhari” only been reduced to a tag?

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Guest 500rma

I recently met two singhs who were accused of doing beadbi of Amrit by indulging in eating meat and drinking alcohol. A friend of mine who is their roommate informed me that they take off their gatray and do all kinds of nonsense.

which made me wonder if being an Amritdhari has only been reduced to an additional tag to being a Sikh. There are also many underlying mental health issues among the kesadhari and amritdhari community alike. 

I have met many amritdharis in my life and I have yet to meet a single person who I thought had an amazing personality and really practiced what he preached. It’s mostly really arrogant folks who are like “your hands are juthay” which is somehow always the case. They have become bhamans who they hate so much. My uncle is the same as well. His tablet was filled with adult content when I borrowed it one time and he LITERALLY HAS MAHARAJ AT HOME! It really makes me reconsider taking Amrit cause I’m still looking for someone that would inspire and someone that I can actually follow. These are really poor examples of amritdharis

I have seen monays be more into sikhi than so many kesadharis. Shouldn’t it be the other way. Monay think that they are following sikhi by going to gurdwaray every Sunday and doing Seva and listening to bani. Kesadharis think they are following sikhi by keeping the kesh. Tying their beards up with so much glue is the lowest thing among this community. Then they end up developing rashes and trimming their beards. I think that there should be a clear line drawn among amritdharis and others.

for instance, it should be made mandatory that amritdharis should be wearing kirpans on the outside or conform to only wearing dummallay. The non amritdharis can wear regular pagga. 

This needs to be addressed cause clearly the definition of who’s a Sikh and who’s not a Sikh isn’t clear.

waheguru ji ka Khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh!

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Guest Gurfateh

I also think only amritdharis should tie a dumalla, I’ve seen keshdharis wear a massive dumalla and then swear eat <banned word filter activated>/khulla maas etc. 

Ive met amritdharis who haven’t even done their santhiya and have been listening to bani for over a year not bothering to learn. I feel like if someone wants to take Amrit, they should practice their amritvela for six months, complete santhiya so they can read Gurbani shudd and understand it.

i have been the example of amritdharis u have portrayed: 

I have personally been this person, I took Amrit at 12, the first in my family (no ones even keshdhari) I didn’t practice amritvela or learn Gurbani, 1 year later I knew how to read Gurbani a little however I completely stopped waking up at amritvela. This alone completely messed up my rehat, I was just wearing my kakkars and tying a dumalla, I then stopped tying that and started to tie a keski. Then I stopped wearing my kakkars. 

Years later when I was 15 I started to learn santhiya, upon completing santhiya I started waking up at amritvela and then practicing for 2 1/2 years later at the age of 18 I went pesh and now with maharajas kirpa I am chardikala. The biggest step in continuing my amritvela was once I had learnt my santhiya as I knew I could get up and read with concentration instead of just getting up to listen. 

Amritdharis should practice like I did before they take Amrit and then decide if it’s for them. 

Not just read bani but also practice shastarvidiya, what’s the point of wearing a shaster if you can’t wield it. 

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    • It goes both ways. If you hear the Islamic narrative they also prob up Islamic invaders and rulers as benign. You should hear what they say about an invader like Muhammad Bin Qaasim who is hailed as a hero and who just came to save a few Muslim women while the defender Raja Dahir is portrayed as an evil scheming, degenerate pervert. But historic Muslim sources like the Chachnama convey a different story and testify how the invading Muslim Arabs had taken thousands of Hindu Sindhi women back with them.    Or look at how they view Aurangzeb. They shamelessly justify his hate  and war crimes against the Hindus and Sikhs. Many even call him a Wali of Allah or a great saint much like how the Buddhists view King Ashok. He is universally respected by Sunni Muslims. He is basically the main reason why most Punjabi and Mirpuri Rajputs and Jatts are Muslims in Pakistan today.   The Hindu and Muslim grand narratives are very different. The Sikh grand narrative can best be read at the starting of Bhangu's Panth Prakash. Bhangu very elaborately explains the condition of India before Guru Nanak Dev ji took avtar and then what followed and how Sikhs got raaj by Vaheguru
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