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    • Flip me. That's grim. My mum told me that, when she was very young, someone in Punjab fed her family's dog something which had needles and glass in it. My grandfather brought the puppy over from what eventually became Pakistan after partition. It was very old in dog-years at the time of death but it died unnecessarily. 
    • Some good news from the protests for a change. The statue of that arch racist M K Gandhi has been vandalised with graffiti of 'Rapist' and 'Racist' so someone among the protesters has read up on the real Gandhi.   
    • It's not a coincidence. Even when you do naam simran its waheguru who is getting you to do naam simran. Bani says without wahegurus Kirpa one does not remember god. It's only by wahegurus Kirpa that we remember him. So even when we do naam simran it is waheguru getting us to do it, that is a communication in itself. Should thank waheguru after it for having kirpa on us and getting us to remember him. 
    • My friend's brother is a producer of punjabi films. I met him yesterday.He laughed that hindu punjabi girls who never spoke punjabi in their life now contact him almost daily just to get a small or big role in a movie. Funny thing is they tell the producer that that they r learning both urban as well as rural/Desi punjabi and can play the role of pind di kurri as well. There is no doubt that punjabi cinema is promoting punjabi language big time.
    • Thank this is eye opening, I remember a mahapurkhs bachan explaining that if we want to love God and get closer to him look at and be with nature. The beauty of nature will force you to praise the creator and think of his qualities. When I'm with nature, I feel surrendered and hopeful that he's listening to my prayer, I like to sing the shabad 'Jo mange takur apne te soee soee deve.' It reminds me that waheguru ji promises to fulfil our minds desires - this is a fact and unquestionable so I must be lacking from my side. But sometimes I just want something to happen where I feel I've had an answer from him, I see his grace unfolding and my problems resolving.  I know I may sound needy and religion isn't just about resolving our problems but when all other efforts have failed ,who else can we turn to but God? Bal hoa bandan bhare kichu na hot opaye, kaho nanak ab oath har gajj jyo hoth sahaee Bal hoa bandan chute sab kich hoth opaye nanak sab kuch tumare haath me tum hi hoth sahaee
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