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Head & Shoulders - New formula shampoo

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Guest Terrible product

I noticed the same thing. They changed their formula to clinical strength and then came out with a larger line of clinical strength. Been using it for 20 years. Now my dandruff is worse. Having a hard time finding a better product. 

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Also, shampooing daily contributes to dandruff. You're basically stripping the scalps natural oils, which prevent the nourishment of your hair. Shampooing should be limited to once a week. Invest in s

Do you guys think we should even be using these western products on our kesh? Most of the products we find here in the west are filled with chemicals. Traditionally, Singhs used to wash their kesh wit

I have been using head and shoulders for as long as I can remember. I have never had any issues with it. It completely sorts out the itchy scalp and dandruff. That all changed about 3 months ago

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Guest Sop

Hi, this was a while ago, but I found it got worse around this time. I contacted them and they told me the formula had changed slightly. I knew it! Had worked wonders before that. They said 'sorry' but nothing they can do. I had to throw away 3 big bottles. I'm still Search for something that works 3 years later - have tried t-gel and body shop ginger shampoo, neither really works. I'm thinking a holistic approach might be a good plan.

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Woah this thread seems to come back all the time from nowhere. Lol.

Amazing to know it was not just me who noticed the head and shoulders formula change. 

Yep I can also relate to many of the posts. I ended up throwing away 5 bottles myself while experimenting with their different formulas. 

Anyway. If it helps. The one I found the most similar to their original formula that they changed was "Men" head n shoulders one. It's still not like the old one. But it's the best replacement. And about 90% same. 

Here's my thoughts on why they changed it. 

It was simply to make more money. The old shampoo formulae gave you a couple of days of dandruff relief even a few days. The new formula gives the same dandruff relief. But you need to use it everyday or at least every other day. So their aim is to basically make you shampoo your hair more frequently and use more. Basically meaning you have to buy more and their profits go up. 

Head n shoulders men is pretty much the same as their old formula. But you have to wash more frequently throughout the week to ensure dandruff free scalp. 



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