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    • Guest Jigsaw_Puzzled_Singh
      😀 My dear melanin deficient brother....the UK, last week, spent £50 million on a public inquiry just to find out that the Fire Service negligently let brown people die and the fire chief was rewarded with a £2 million pension pot for her racist actions. Public Inquiries, given their cost, are not everyday 'status quo' things. They happen very rarely and are designed to reveal previously unknown facts. The facts that this £50 million public inquiry revealed, and the networks had as their headline news, were revealed by me on this thread several months ago. I have stated a few times on this very thread how those lacking melanin (whiteys) are generally extremely dim. You demonstrated that in the 'Gurjant Gnostic and Dallysingh100' thread when you didn't even have enough intelligence to figure out that you were simply being used as a stepping stone to get to someone else. Status quo da bacha 🤣
    • Guest Jigsaw_Puzzled_Singh
      Brother, you need some serious schooling S1ngh. tut tut.  The Nanaksar satsang sabha is a very serious cult. Both the Nanaksar Gurdwara in Richmond, BC and Edmonton, Alberta have a special room with a statue / photo of some bloke that is revered by them and the congregation are supposed to offer money and receive blessings from him. Also, they don't have Nishan sahib in their gurdwara. We once attended a function at the Richmond one and my little one came running to me saying the sevadars were trying to get him and his little cousins to go in a special room with a big photo of a weird looking geezer. And no....it wasn't Big Tera. On the plus side though....their gurdwara, especially the ones in Canada, do tend to have very well manicured lawns and gardens. Not sure who that special bloke is but I have a feeling he may have been a big horticulturalist. And no.....it isn't Alan Titchmarsh. Nanaksar Edmonton Nanaksar, Richmond
    • I forgot the name of the bhaji but the main sewadar of that organization used to share his knowledge here a lot. This is a good organization but seems to be in a dormant stage.
    • I strongly believe that divorcee should not do any of the panthic level sewa regardless of whatever situation is. I have seen some known camp counselors who are divorced and yet they are the main speakers and attend events as main speakers. What giyan they can give to the kids? Topic needs to be discussed. 
    • one room saraan at the SGPC controlled is 1200 ruppee a day. It is a politics to raula rapa on the mere $20. 

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