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    • Your right about the 2 lines i don't agree with skipping the 2 lines from Chaupai Sahib too.  Even though i follow the Sikh Rehat Maryada and respect it i choose to do all of Kabyo Baach Benti. Thats my choice Sikh Rehat Maryada is the minimum required. If you wanna do more Bani thats Great. Chardi kala. Thats your choice.  If you want to avoid halal. Your choice  If you want to avoid meat altogether. Thats fine too  Lets not attach dietary guidelines with sikhism.  Even Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj says in a very long pankti that Fools argue over this. Saag has life too. So does the micro organisms we breath. But we don't cover our mouths like jains. And we are not hindus who avoid eggs. Even though unfertilized eggs are vegetarian. Thats a different topic.  This is Not SGPC maryada This is Akal Takht maryada Watch this link Bhai Jagraj Singh  Lets not divide the panth with different maraydas. Your dietary options will not bring you closer to Waheguru. Jap Naam.   
    • Guru Granth Sahib Ji is the living Guru.  You been debating a Rhadasoami, however that's spelled, or something?
    • people will ask kurdiwale koi hor  munda nahin labba eh lafunga kiton mileya si ? plus if  there are younger sisters in the house it could create wrong impression in people's mind about how much bad behaviour they as a family will put up with from mundevale just to get their daughters married i.e. put them on the back foot. This is the first time this 'son' is visiting his new parents didn't Guru ji say to respect them as much as possible in fact more than one's own since they are giving you their most treasured child? There is formality of manners which is actually showing compassion and consideration to others' feelings, we are not meant to spoil another's chances or life through our words and actions that is antigurmat. the guy/girl who tries show up their inlaws is NOT following sikhiya of Guru ji but doing their own manmat to feed their egoes. What is wrong with him standing and negotiating or do as my kid bro did and say 'hold on Mum Dad; I'm coming , look Guys her folks are calling me '... and just shove the few notes he had in his pocket into their hands ...and go in the front door? would you honestly have been happy if that had happened to your sis , Mum and Dad? If the guy can't show respect to his bride's mother and father in front of their whole family when is he ever going to?
    • Paranoia could be sign of mental illness so do see a therapist, doctor or counselor Keep doing paath as well
    • i think its hilarious    everyone was laughing at it at work she's dressed like a slag   if a woman in my family dressed like that    god help her ....  

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