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    • Ideally we wouldn't have to run off to these countries.
    • Oh and get this. Apparently there was a great slaughter at the first thanksgiving that broke out over exactly this, and that thanskgiving is symbolic of that after the prolonged violence stemming from that subsided. Call it..a ritual meal. To remember that by.  And this type of um..greater religous freedom in the new world was that the mayflower pilgrims brought.  Kalyug bro. Like you never wake up and expect to have that conversation. 
    • If some crazy thing goes down like I said I heard above I think we will be surprised the variety of people who will not say that even if it means death and those that will. You would have seemingly religous and totally non religous seeming people walking both ways.  If violence ever comes Degh Tegh Fateh. Especially our Bhenji. Please make it so we can recognize you. 
    • Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhinderwale Shaheed speaks of Anand Karaj among other things in this blessed video.   
    • I ask because of this.  I've recently had it...intimated to me by someone I know.. that if I want to survive, but live a harsher but more "equal" life that I may want to consider being ready and willing to swear that God does not exist. As basically belief in Vaheguru Akal Purakh in any iteration will be considered a mental illness punishable by immediate genocide by...and get this... Being sawn in half...from top down.. Now where have we seen that before? In this new world only satanists and their atheist cattle will survive.  And that "Covid 19" and many things for a long time, and many things lately are coming to bear? This world is a trip bro. Never thought I'd have that conversation, especially with someome who I think actually considers me a friend and was doing it for my good lol.  In fact I have something to do with a Shastar that that person gave me right now. 
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