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    • You are taking the discussion to another level. I was talking in perspective of the Author. It is up-to him to decide what he wants or not. If something you feel I wrote is wrong, feel free to disregard.  Rape problem in India is exaggerated and overblown. The media does not give an accurate description. More rape, more kaamic activities and more sexual issues are prevalent in Western societies. 5 British Soldiers who were stationed im Canada, brutually raped a Canadian soldier. Gang rape is very very common in Spain. Its not safe for a woman to travel abroad. In USA, a woman was gang raped then her private parts set on fire. In Canada, first nation women often go missing get raped and killed ALL the time. 400+ paedophiles in UK are arrested every month in UK. Pornography, Adult entertainment, All the Internet Sex websites, PlayBoy, Baywatch crap—— is a Western Invention.  All the gand pervy videos you see on youtube of bikini, skirts are made WHITE GORAS living in Western socieities   A recent survey indicated that Americans think of having sex every 17’seconds. Please do proper reseearch.  
    • Do you get sexually aroused by a woman's glance to the extent where you are compelled to relieve yourself in a sexual manner later on?  I think this is more of a typically Indian pervy thing, and not applicable to most other cultures in a broad sense. If you look at a woman and your only thoughts are of how you'd like to enjoy her, again that's your problem. Explain to me how a culture that promotes mental discipline as it relates to curbing kaamic activity of the mind also has an embarrassing reputation as one of the rape hotspots of the world. Why do these otherwise degenerate westerners with various other vices not go around raping indiscriminately in their countries like they do in India? 
    • If you order gutkas, how do you know they will be shipped with respect?
    • Maybe this will help - https://www.discoversikhism.com/sikh_gurus/guru_nanak_jagannath_puri.html
    • That site says “According to Padmabhushan Dr. Durgadas Basu, a National Research Professor, Guru Nanak was given mantra diksha by non other than Prabhu Nityananda while the latter was traveling through Bangladesh (Bengal). That Sri Nanak was a ‘mantra shishya’ of Nityananda Prabhu has been written down in his autobiography and the last chapter of the Guru Grantha Sahib, while elaborating the greatness and glory of the Holy ‘Naam’.” This is NOT true. Plus the article indicates that Sikhi is more a form krishna bhakti. 
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