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    • If you think about most Gurdware in India and Punjab are actually built like that. Hazur Sahib is the same, Kesgarh Sahib, the Gurdwara at Kiratpur, Bangla Sahib Delhi, Damdama Sahib etc  Guru Maharaj is in the center while Sangat sit all around it, front, back, sides    all have the same layout.  Nanaksar was a bit different i think, i can't remember now, but i think it was outdoors with like a roof on pillars. 
    • Yeah they do that with weddings, we saw someones in India like that, it was live on youtube and i just connected it to the TV. i prefer that tbh, rather than attending the wedding just sit back, grab some pop corn and watch it live in your living room.  I didn't know they did that with funerals too!  i'v never been to a funeral. I remember some people used to video funerals! Years and years ago when i was like 6 years old our neighbors gave us a funeral video of one of their relatives! and they showed the dead body and zoomed in and out of the face and then showed the fire part! I don't understand why people used to record funerals!   I think people in India are very used to seeing the dead and its quite normal, while here abroad death and the dead are kept out of site, its almost like it doesn't exist.  I don't think kids born in the west should be exposed to the dead, death etc because we just don't live in a country where death "exists" its all hidden here. While in India its different, kids be playing on the street and people will carry a dead body on their shoulders etc its different there. 
    • Bahais dont have a homeland either, but they havent faced as much persecution as us
    • People ask the monk is he married VID-20200711-WA0004.mp4
    • It is done so that you don't offend anyone. The minute one relative and you leave out another relative,  you will be accused of picking favourites.  I saw something that may start to get popular.  I had a relative that passed away abroad. Because of covid-19 and the fact that funeral being the next day , a lot of people could not attend. However, I saw the funeral on live stream. I think this could be the future.  I think with weddings that could happen. If you got a cousin who is getting married in the UK, and you have relatives all over the world, you send a link and watch the Anand Karaj. People send invites on whatsapp or whatever other social media platform these days.  I think this maybe the way forward 
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