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    • Check this out! He's been predicted Covid-19, China-India war, rise Gold prices, among others LAST YEAR!! Worse to come December 2020 until March 2021 1st video coronavirus starts at 10:32  
    • Brilliant video. Everyone commenting nail its. Some of these chairvoyants and mystics predictions are coming true. Scary times. Baba Vanga the Bulgarian clairvoyant, that predicted 9/11, rise of isis, Islamic re-takeover Europe, rise of China, also mentioned this. Europe will be in clashes, just like what happened during the crusades. They going take over Vatican at some point, and America will come save Christianity more civil wars in Islam,  eventually after enough bloodshed, they're come to realization there is no 'God'... Not sure where the Khalsa Raj rises, but someone another thread  mention in  Sau Sakhis, that Khalsa will rise from Europe? Could be wrong...
    • If you think about most Gurdware in India and Punjab are actually built like that. Hazur Sahib is the same, Kesgarh Sahib, the Gurdwara at Kiratpur, Bangla Sahib Delhi, Damdama Sahib etc  Guru Maharaj is in the center while Sangat sit all around it, front, back, sides    all have the same layout.  Nanaksar was a bit different i think, i can't remember now, but i think it was outdoors with like a roof on pillars. 
    • Yeah they do that with weddings, we saw someones in India like that, it was live on youtube and i just connected it to the TV. i prefer that tbh, rather than attending the wedding just sit back, grab some pop corn and watch it live in your living room.  I didn't know they did that with funerals too!  i'v never been to a funeral. I remember some people used to video funerals! Years and years ago when i was like 6 years old our neighbors gave us a funeral video of one of their relatives! and they showed the dead body and zoomed in and out of the face and then showed the fire part! I don't understand why people used to record funerals!   I think people in India are very used to seeing the dead and its quite normal, while here abroad death and the dead are kept out of site, its almost like it doesn't exist.  I don't think kids born in the west should be exposed to the dead, death etc because we just don't live in a country where death "exists" its all hidden here. While in India its different, kids be playing on the street and people will carry a dead body on their shoulders etc its different there. 
    • Bahais dont have a homeland either, but they havent faced as much persecution as us
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