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On 5/8/2020 at 10:52 AM, Guest Priorities said:

I havent read your post in detail so forgive me if im being rude, its not my intention. Im perhaps not responding to you personally but making an observation generally.

We take about whats natural and the time it takes and inconveniences of managing kakkars, turban , hair and nitnem etc. 

Ppl say oit takes 3 hours to get ready, and hard to do go through the work day. Actually the corporate world is not natural, our work life balance isnt natural. Works long hours as a labourer is also nit natural. Humans are subjected to working so they can pay taxes and fund large corporations and live in the system.  

Life is suppose to be free and humans have created a system in which they disregard their body, their spirit, cut hair on their head for convenience and on the body, eat processed food for quickness, work like a slave for their whole life. Be subjected to the system, drink alcohol to forget, try to be same as the norm to fit in, enjoy random relationships, then repeat all again. The Guru gives us a different path. 

We do hav a choice what path we want to follow.

 What im trying to say is we can make changes in life to suit our lifestyle aswell. Instead of just thinking saroop is a burden.

This is the best answer. Well said! 

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Guest Guest

I don't have such deep sadness like the asker of the question. But I guess this is very true what this person has posted. I live with 3 more sikh friends of mine so I don't have the issue with having my head covered all the time like the asker. 

But as I think about it, it is a problem. I remember being very irritated in times of my preparation of competitive exams. I wanted to be in to field work. I had trained myself as a teen with boxing and Judo. But as I grew into the practice of sikhi, I let my ambition go away. Although, I am happy with my white collar office job even now, but this post just reminded me of how great the impact of hair is in our lives.

I find the post really insightful, but I guess our community would never find answers because we as a community are too rigid for change. And change is the natures way keeping things fresh. 

Also, I think 100 years down the line, there would be no difference in the impression of other religions and sikhism itself. As our 5K's are also symbols just like the idols in hinduism or the cross in christianity. I think we don't have the right to criticize such practices in other religions when we ourselves give so much importance to symbols. Anyone who looses these symbols is just marked as a non-sikh which is extreme and the 'ego' of those who done the swaroop is making them to put in wierd concepts in the religion which is taking it far away from the actual principles that our gurus laid the foundation upon. Never mind, let's all wish for the uplifting our religion. 


Admin Note: Sangat ji, We will be posting location details based on the IP on threads that are goes too much against the basic principles of Sikhi. In past we were just deleting them but now we want to try to see if sangat can give these lost soul some advice. Posts based on VPN use to hide their identity in Gupt forum will be deleted. 

Above user is from: Ludhiana, Punjab



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On 5/8/2019 at 12:45 PM, Guest HomoSapien said:

Warm greetings to all the readers, only in case the moderator finds the concepts of Sikhism strong enough to answer my thoughts that I am about to share. I am a sabat-surat sikh and I love tying my turban. I know I look good in a turban and I love the community that I am fortunately a part of. I love how we have truly become one of the most vital communities in maintaining peace on the planet.

I won't cut my hair. I don't have the courage to face the taunts of my relatives and the sadness of my parents. Moreover, the damage that has happened to my hair can't be reversed, so theirs no use of cutting it. 

But one thing is for sure that I am unable to respect this concept in our religion. And I would forever find it unfair...


You make good points. But are perhaps missing the bigger picture.

People have been calling sikhs especially amritdharis impractical for a long time. They made fun of simran, mindless repeating like a parrot, until the West starting lauding meditation. 

They made fun of suchamta, the cleaniliness, until well Covid-19 and coronavirus. 

They made fun of the open, flowing beard but now its in style. 

Too many restrictions like not eating out etc. And then the food poisonings and health violations in most restaurant.

All I can say is, be grateful that ur genetic inheritance did not give you a bigger burden. Due to parental pressure and your relatives judgement, you are forced to wear this turban,.just because genetics favored you to be born a panjabi. Genetics could have given you psoriasis, disability etc.

I just feel sorry for future sikhs, like your kids, their parents wont guilt trip them onto this path. So they will be like everyone else. Lost, bored, purposeless. Thinking the only point of life is to be rich and have a corporate job. They will be having early mid life crisis. When they put all their energy and effort towards this job, and get so minimal in return. 

Isnt belonging to a community, knowing ur past, worth the hassle?

You do make some good points that alwe as sikhs will have to address. Driving a motorcycle with a turban IS more dangerous than with a helmet. There is a new type of helmet invented that u put around your neck. And it will acitivate and cover ur head when u hit something. 

So.im sure we can find more solutions. Like what to wear during skydiving. N-95 Respirator masks that work with beards. 

Also remembet there are people worse off. There are sikhs that believe they must wear a chola at all times. How dangerous that must be in a factory environment. Sikhs that believe in only eating food cooked in sarbloh. So in college, along with classes,.they have to cook their food everyday too. Some of these students are in the West. Other sikhs believe you must do nitnem which takes 1 hour daily. Or simran for 2 hours daily. How much aretime and effort are they losing out on comparered to their colleagues?

I had a 30 min drive during clinicals. So would do nitnem while driving cuz shifts that lasted from 5 am to 9 pm dont leave that much time. Plus we were supposed to study as well. I also felt like doing paath, taking a bath in the morning vs evening was wasting my time. But perhaps we are actually doing something right, getting more work life balance.

Also if you work such long shifts and on a computer (as a coder?) Why is corporate dresscode required? In the US, people who work with computers and not clients have a relaxed dresscode. 


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