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    • The reason why women cause arguments is because they prioritise emotion. It is part of a woman's firmware to have highs and lows of emotion. It is better for women to have a bad emotion than being bored.  Why do you think women love drama shows on TV and gossip, because they get off on the indignation. 
    • Ya. From what i seen and some i talked agree with, is the young Punjabi generation are far-left liberal feminism sjw communism types of 'Khalistan'...Islamist apologists too...They've turned Kharkus, Sant Bhindranwale 84' into romantic aesthetic and oblivious to reading facts and what actually happen. I see more these lgbtq gender fluid 'Sikhs' coming from America than elsewhere.  The white Sikhs are those 3ho hippy types too. Idk just find them so cheesy out there. If these were running the Khalsa Raj era, we'd been extinct long time ago Few years ago, at Sacramento Nagar Kirtan, there was video of 2 giving each other oral!  Hard kaur i know, someone had tweeted to her to also call out Pakistan when that Sikh girl got abducted, she told her to shut up and go suck some good Pakistani c0#k..no joke.  If only we'd know how to be neutral, whether politics or India/Pakistan, maybe we'd get somewhere.     
    • No i didnt the sikh primary school opened once i left my primary school and the secondary sikh school opened once i was out of my secondary school. So I wasnt able to go to any. 
    • well my hubby applied for governor and had Mankamal's backing , he is now one of the new parent governors and we've been talking with Mankamal about the hidden history . My hubby is very determined that the kids do not get done over by the Nick and his cronies.  
    • At first they are all defensive and once you get to know them they really do open up about other women as well Lol Once they let the defensive wall down, i'v had women tell me that women cause more arguments and breakups in families than men do!  Thing is women really don't get on with each other   not sure why. I had a divorced pakistani female at work tell me that it's really important that men know how to cook and do basic stuff like that, because women have weird ways of controlling men and they don't make it obvious. That was her! Not me who said it.   She was one of those westernized British Pakistani women. I had a bit of crush on her lol   anyway  she told me shes trying to get her teenage son to cook and do basic things like that.  My black female friend also tells me the same thing, she said women have ways of controlling men but they don't make it obvious, but create the impression the man is really in charge.  Not bashing anyone but men and women both can do Wrong. 
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