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    • Saw this digitized version of the article on social media just now. Very important piece in Sikh history that exposed what Sikhs been saying all these years that it was the indira's congress government provoking violence using state agent provocateurs in order to create a pretext to attack and genocide the Sikhs in punjab. Apparently the journalist spoke to high level Indian military intelligence sources from the R&AW at the time only a few months after operation blue star.    
    • Like going for a run naturally increasing your breathing. The breathing techniques naturally increase/decrease temperature. It's possible to do lots of things with body using Sidhia. Have a look at this website. http://www.cosmicharmony.com/Sp/Babaji/Babaji.htm Scroll down and you'll see 2 photos of a yogi. The photographer took them at same time but they are completely different.
    • Yes, that's him. He himself ran from the battlefield, so spends his time badmouthing who didn't.  I don't understand the agenda of Makhu, Sikhri, Udoke etc. These folks are actively involved in bringing the injustices of 80s 90s to the forefront. To the point they clearly have some love for Sikhs. Yes, I understand some who speak for Khalistan are paid, but they usually spend more time riling up folks, not engage in intellectual dialogue. Its possible these individuals are just misguided. 
    • If you were smart enough to look at the timeline of my original post you would see it went up before you slandered Gursikhs on the other thread.  You were slandering on this thread.   @MOD @ADMIN  let him say what he wants openly here about me.  He acts like a tough guy but I know it's an act.  Here is your chance tough guy.  Let's hear it
    • There's many meanings to this. One which I find incredibly beautiful (from the point of view of Guru Arjan Dev Ji) is Aad guray nameh - I bow down to the 1st Guru Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Jugaad guray nameh - I bow down to the 2nd Guru Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji Sat guray nameh - I bow down to my Satguru Sri Guru Ram Das Ji Sri gur dayvay nameh - I bow down to their (my satguru's) Guru Sri Guru Amar Das Ji In this way Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji pays their respect to the 4 Guru Sahibs before them and seeks blessing to begin path of Sukhmani Sahib. This is an implied arth based on the perspective of 5th Guru. A more literal arth could be: Aad guray nameh - I pay respect to guru who has been guru since the start of time (aad meaning start) Jugaad guray nameh - I pay respect to guru who was present at the start of the jugs when creation began. Jugaad sach Sat guray nameh - I pay respect to the true guru Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji  Sri gur dayvay nameh - I pay respect to the guru who is true now and will always be the true guru Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji
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