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    • delhi sikhs are idiots they are now asking sirsa to demand Chandni Chowk to shaheedi Chowk , I said to them the only reason people remember Chandi Chowk is through the Mahan Shahadat of gursikhs and Guru Sahib , they are too dense to realise that removing the name is also removing the marker of the history .
    • Guest daas guest singh
      Yea they r a huge threat/nuksaan to kheti .But why do u think god made spears(bhaale/barchche) for.For killing jangli soor (obviously,like duuuuuhhh??) lol. And yea they do attack ppl,are quite fierce actually ,with their tusks and all can really kill a person(spoiler alert:they do) But they shud be tasty af especially with all da charbi so,chatka them singhon .looooooooollll. "they always hog on the kheti maan " (another successful pun by me) 
    • my cousin took by the back of a "modern restaurant"  and massive bulks of meat i think it was sheep and goats were hanging out in the open behind the restaurant with swarms of around flys all over it.  my thia took me to a chicken farm where they are being raised to slaughter and there were 100s all cramped in small places. Most the chickens in cages ready to kill are loosing their feathers and look like they have disease.   men pissing out in the open is also common sight in the urban areas.   luckily none of this has started happening in the pinds yet 
    • i said the same thing they need to round these dogs up and kill them!  they are disgusting and rabbid and iv seen to many shagging in the middle of the streets!       near my dads pind theres a place where they take dead cows/buffalo and skin them and the dogs around there are like fcking hyenas,  that area has now become a no go zone.    people are really scared to these dogs.      At night they run around in packs that are 30/40 strong and howl all night.  i went for a walk with my cousin sister at night with a pet dog   and around 10 dogs started running towards us and barking   luckily the pet dog was bigger and intimidated them,  while this was going on we walked of really fast and got away.   wild hogs/boars are another problem,  the wild pigs actually eat the dogs which is great but they have attacked people too.   I went to my thias fields and we saw pig footprints in the mitti.    
    • This guy says, Gurbani says you will reap what you do.  Gurbani does say this but Gurbani also says on this topic, you will do as Vaheguru commands....nothing is in your hand, Vaheguru does all.  Gurbani also says on this topic, walk on the path of Gurmat.  To understand the concept, you will reap what you sow. The two connected topics also have to be explained without contradicting the first concept. The example he provides does not incorporate all three  concepts and provide a Gurmat answer.  This parrot is the blind man touching the trunk of an elephant and saying it's a tree trunk. The parrot is saying we write our destiny.   But this is not what Gurbani is saying.  Gurbani is saying you will follow the will of Vaheguru command.  How does he explain Sri Guru Arjun Dev ji being punished by the ruler at the time.  When Sri Guru Arjun Dev ji did nothing wrong? According to,  you will reap what you sow, the 40 mukta were punished on the battlefield because they went to do a good thing and fight evil, but they lost their lives.   Losing your life is a negative outcome and not a positive outcome. The 40 mukta studied for the test and they failed because they lost their lives. Also this parrot is changing the language around the 40 mukta by saying 40 singhs. He doesn't  want to say mukta because that would mean their is an after life and these clowns don't believe in an afterlife.  The chota sahibzaade also lost their lives for doing a good deed.  How come the good people doing good deeds are losing their lives (failing the test) and people doing bad things are not losing their lives?  Clearly the concept you will reap what you sow is not so simple in Gurbani.  Also before clown college says passing the test means the 40 mukta and chota sahibzaade stood up to tyrants.   This would be the wrong analogy because passing the test is the end result (living, but the 40 mukta and chota sahibzaade didn't live on) and answering the question right is to stand up to the tyrants.  
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