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Indian born Wife - The true story

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I have seen quite a few topics of guys complaining about the indian born wifes behaviour in this gupt section.

Ie they are aggressive, rude, annoying, argumentative, uncaring,ungrateful, selfish dont do housework, dont respect the inlaws. Want you to spend all your hard earned money on them and send back to home. 

I will attempt to address these issues in this thread. 

About 70% of women are like that from India. There are 30% that are decent but a high percentage as mentioned 70% have the above traits I have mentioned. It all depends how bad they are on the scale but nearlly all of the have these unwanted personality traits. It just depends on the luck of draw and which type of woman you ended up with. 

The crux of all the issues are these. 

They feel lonely and isolated as they are on their own in a new country away from their family. They feel everyone is against them. They dont feel welcome in the new family home and feel they are walking on egg shells. Hence they become aggressive and want to push their boundaries to see how far they can push you. If you are an insecure male that has confidence issues and cant stand up for yourself then will try and walk all over you. They will try and dominate you and have you under the thumb. Its your job to counter this and try and create a equal balance in the relationship. You dont want her to be scared of you or anything like that. 

You need to act like a man and she needs to act like a lady. Dont accept any bullsh1t from these women. They think you are some english born guy that is a big softee they can dominate, Sure them you are not. They will soon get the message and learn not to mess about. 

Women will try all the tricks in the book to get to you, such as showing passive aggressive behavior. They know that as women they can get away with a lot of confrontation as we have to give into them to make them happy. But you have to be strong as man and let her know who wears the trousers in the family. At the beginning its going to be very hard. ie the first 1 year will be about you both discovering each other. Once that is out of the way it will be alot more plain sailing. 

issues you will face

they answer back with a loud voice, make you feel that you are not good enough for them. Be manipulative. Many have adjustment difficulties. Ie they miss their family back home and place more importance on their own family then yours. 



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8 hours ago, MisterrSingh said:



I think that could be going over the top. A back handed slap usually does the trick. 

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Guest A Hiding Member

What are you basing all these assumptions / supposed facts on? 

Have you ever thought about sitting down and talking through any disagreements / confrontation? In the heat of the moment, it's hard to keep a cool head and talk rationally (you will need to lower your Ego and not let your Angry head get the better of you). It's a skill that gets better with time, patience and practice.

You highlight that these women are specifically from India. How do you come by this information? Why don't you believe that women from England, Canada, USA, Africa etc are like this too? In my experience, this is the case.

Any relationship works with give and take. I believe you have to keep a neutral head on when it gets confrontational. Have your say and listen to anything opposing. It's completely impossible to mind read a partner, so you're best off airing your thoughts publicly and getting it all off your chest.

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